Welcome to TGBL!

Hello everyone! Welcome to TGBL! Please bookmark this page in order to keep up with all the happenings in the league.

The 5 captains, Wilson Pak, Simon Kim, John Kim, Peter Nguyen and Kildong Kim met today to draft the teams. The results are below. Your team captain will contact you this upcoming week about who and when you will be playing.

Rules will be eventually posted on this site. Please read them when you get the chance. Most of the rules will be strictly enforced. Please contact me or your team captain for any clarification.

Here are the teams with the captains in bold:

Team 1: Kildong Kim, Jacob Kim, Jon Lee, David Kim, Howard Rim, Zach Han, Min Kang

Team 2: John Kim, Dennis Oh, James Choi, Nick Wong, Billy Kang, Stanley Huang, Wayne Chen

Team 3: Peter Nguyen, Stephen Chang, Danny Ryu, Zion Hwang, Keith Lim, Paul No

Team 4: Wilson Pak, Thomas Kim, Sam Song, Peter Lim, James Lee, Matt Park, Capo Chang

Team 5: Simon Kim, Gary Yi, Dan Ahn, Cliff Kim, Joy Min, David Lu

Sorry if I happened to misspell anybody’s name.

Please check frequently for any updates on the league. I’ll see you this Friday night!


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