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So about today…

there weren’t enough responses… and I kinda forgot about it… that is my bad. We’ll try to do this another time. Enjoy the Nova game tonight!


Sorry for the late notice…

But I think we will try to have a Frosh vs. Soph game this Saturday afternoon. If you are a frosh or soph, please let me know if you would be willing to play around 2.

I Hate Mondays… But at least we have TGBL

We’ll waste no time in getting right into the recaps.

Game 1:


Kildong’s Team had their sights set on taking down Sic-Bo (formerly known as Simon’s Team), running out of the gate with high energy and hustle. Although there was no pre-cap for this game (thanks to John Kim’s enormous blunder), there were just as many fans attending to watch the game.

Sic-Bo jumped out to an early lead behind the smart play of Gary and Joy, draining twos and finding open layups for their teammates, but Team Kildong wouldn’t let up. With Howard and Jacob combining for 39 rebounds, most of them being offensive, Team Kildong was never out of it. Even though the team was shooting a low percentage from the field, they had second, third and fourth chances to put the ball back.

Even while giving up all these opportunities, Sic-Bo’s relentless defense made sure that they maintained the lead they had created early in the game. Even with Jon Lee finding his long range shooting stroke from his first game, Sic-Bo never lost the lead.

However, as the game was coming closer and closer to the end, Kildong Kim went on fire, making 4-5, layups in just as many possessions to make it an 18-19 game. Sic-Bo then called time-out to draw up one last play.

55 minutes into the game and everybody drenched with sweat, the game would end on a play drawn up by Joy Min. Joy set a great screen for Simon to get open, catch the pass from Gary and drain the open 2. Although there was some controversy on a possible travel on the last play, the basket counted and Sic-Bo stayed undefeated.

Player of the Game: Joy Min

He once again led the team in scoring while grabbing the most rebounds for Sic-Bo in this game. Most importantly, he drew up the final play that won the game.

X-Factor: Jacob Kim (Team Kildong)

Although his team lost, Jacob grabbed 17 boards that kept Team Kildong in the game until the last shot. His hustle was something nobody on Sic-Bo seemed to be able to stop.

Game 2:


With Billy Kang, the leading scorer and rebounder for John’s Team, out due to a 1 game suspension from the league for violating league rules, people were writing off John’s Team against Beast Mode, the best team in the league so far.

The game looked to fulfill the prophecy until John Kim and Nick Wong started draining their twos. Combined with a great night from Stanley Huang, a mismatch on defense for James Choi and 4 points from Wayne Chen, John’s Team clawed back from a 10 point deficit to make it a 4 point game.

Beast Mode’s captain Wilson Pak decided that it was time to end the comeback and led his team to a 21-16 victory, the closest anybody has gotten to beating Beast Mode.

Player of the Game: Wilson Pak

Although he started on the bench, he was once again the leading scorer for his team.

X-Factor: Wayne Chen and Stanley Huang (Team John)

Their heart, hustle and ability to hit open shots allowed them to stay in the game longer than most people would have predicted. They stepped up big to try and make up for the loss of Billy. They also had to play the entire game because there were no subs.

This week…

There will be no games!! The church is having an ice-skating event at Tennity (?) Ice Pavillion (I definitely made that name up). Please come out for a great night of fellowship and enjoy the week off!

Current Standings

Team W L PF PA
Beast Mode (4) 3 0 63 37
Sic-Bo (5) 2 0 42 31
Kildong (1) 1 2 48 60
John (2) 0 2 34 42
Team Awesome (3) 0 2 25 42

*Team John is ahead of Team Peter due to having more Points For.

Who will stop the Beast?…. Mode….


Game 1:


This game is all about hunger. Will Team Kildong, after suffering an embarrassing loss to Beastmode last week want it more? Will Simon be hungry? Pun intended. Team Simon managed to beat Team Peter last week depending heavily on Freshmen Phenoms Joy Min and Gary Yi. However, this week they seem to have met their matches in Jon Lee and David JJ Kim. This week, it is really up to Team Kildong to rotate and make sure that they do not give up any threes. And, they also need Kildong to man up and take over. There is a lot of hidden potential in this game, particularly for Simon’s team. Cliff Kim was seen lighting up the court like a young Brandon Roy during the preliminary exhibition matches before teams were made. Furthermore, David Lu has lit up an important member of Team Kildong (not to be named here) during exhibition matches. Whether it was just the relaxed atmosphere of a pick up game or inability, we will find out this Friday.

Key Player (Team Simon): Cliff Kim. Bring it Kobe.

Key Player (Team Kildong): Kildong Kim. He needs to take over the game, and not just in a scoring sense.

Prediction: 21 – 17 Team Simon

Team Simon has just too much firepower (every single player on the team can hit the open shot) and Team Kildong’s offense seems to stagnant at times. Once Team Simon gets rolling, they will be hard to stop.


Game 2:


The second game features the Wilson Pak led Beast Mode team, facing off against John’s Team who is hungry for their first win. I was fortunate enough to sneak into one of Beast Mode’s practice sessions and was able to see their preparation for the game. Mentally and physically, they look very prepared for this matchup against a much larger team. The one factor they have working against them is Peter Lim’s back, which is not 100% at this point.

John’s Team seems to have a myriad of problems heading into this game. Will Patty’s absence play a large role in Billy’s production? Will Nick show up again? Who will command that 5th starting position between Stanley, Wayne and Dennis? How big of a factor will Dennis be in his debut game? Can John Kim lose 20 pounds to get into shape before tomorrow? Many of these questions, especially the last one, could decide the fate of this game.

Key Player (Beast Mode): James Lee.

Seeing what Tom did last week, I’m sure John’s Team will ty to limit his production. Can Wilson Pak’s student give them the scoring boost if Tom can’t make it rain?

Key Player (John’s Team): John Kim.

After a horrendous shooting night against Kildong’s team 2 weeks ago, John Kim needs to get the basket through the hoop a few more times to have a chance at winning. If he has another off night, this team will struggle to match the fast-paced offense of Beast Mode.

Prediction: 21-14 Beast Mode

Too much teamwork and chemistry from Beast Mode for John’s Team to try and stop. Their lack of perimeter defenders to guard both Wilson AND Tom as well as their streaky shooting could be this team’s downfall. If John’s Team can hit Billy in the post hard and often (assuming Billy converts his opportunities), slows the tempo of the game to set up their half-court offense, hits a ton of twos, and doesn’t turn over the ball too much, they have a shot at winning. But the chances of all that happening? About as high as the chance of John NOT ordering Chinese food tonight = not likely.

Recap of 2/12 and Schedule for 2/19 (I know it’s a boring title…)

Game 1:

Recap: Game 1 started pretty slowly and competitively, getting to a score of 5-4 before Kildong’s Team decided to call a time out. During this time out, Beast Mode must have gotten their hands on some of Michael’s Secret Stuff because when they ran back on to the court, the game was decided in less than 10 minutes. Thomas Kim caught fire and hit 5 twos, never missing an opportunity. Thomas’s shooting mixed with Sam’s hustle, Peter’s defense, Wilson’s leadership and opportune steals and rebounds from James, Capo and Matt propelled Beast Mode to a 21-9 victory, crushing beat writer John Kim’s prediction for the outcome of the game.

Kildong’s Team could only watch as they amassed numerous turnovers, took bad shots, and didn’t get many second opportunities. Kildong was held scoreless and Jon could not replicate his long range shooting performance from last week. The 3-2 zone meant to stop the other team from scoring long range shots did not accomplish its job, as more than 60% of Beast Mode’s points came from behind the arc.

The only problem we may have seen from Beast Mode this game was Peter Lim’s temper. He will have to control it before it gets him in to any more trouble.

Player of the Game: Thomas Kim.

A TGBL record 5 twos. Enough said.

X-Factor: Sam Song.

One of his dives were so spectacular, the statisticians made a note of it.

Game 2:

Recap: Simon’s Team debuted this week against Peter’s Team, who was trying to bounce back from a 9 point loss last week. Simon’s Team looked nervous early on, missing easy shots, giving Peter’s Team open looks and letting them build a 3 point lead a few minutes into the game. But once they settled their nerves, Simon’s Team took off.

Joy Min and Gary Ng led the charge, scoring 18 combined points, 10 of them coming from downtown. With the offense taken care of, Dan Ahn, David Lu, and Josh Lee focused on playing tight defense on the perimeter and making sure Peter Nguyen would have a hard time doing anything in the post. Peter’s Team was limited to 13 points in the defeat.

It didn’t help Peter’s Team that Zion Hwang, one of the staples of their offense, got injured halfway through the game. His midrange shooting and lock-down defense are huge assets that cannot be replaced on this team. This injury also left them without a sub, making fatigue a greater issue. Overall, the team looked out of sync and unable to create shots for each other. They’ll have to figure out a way to get more open looks before next week’s game.

Player of the Game: Joy Min and Gary Ng.

As mentioned before, 18 of 21 points for Simon’s Team. They were unstoppable on offense and impenetrable on defense.

X-Factor: Dan Ahn.

Other than scoring 1 of the 3 points not scored by Joy or Gary, Dan Ahn limited his turnovers and made sure nobody in his section of the zone made any twos.

Schedule for 2/19:

In the first game of the night, Kildong’s Team will take on Simon’s Team. One tries to show that they are still a force in the league while the other tries to ride the momentum of its last game.

The night(-er) cap of the doubleheader features Beast Mode taking on John’s Team. Beast Mode looks to stay undefeated while John’s Team comes fresh off a bye, looking for their first victory.

Peter’s Team has the week off.

The preview will be out before Thursday so keep checking TGBL!

Precap for Friday 2/12/10

Hello Grovians!

This week, we bring you more fun and exciting match ups!!

The winning teams will go head to head to claim tentative supremacy when Beastmode takes on Team Kildong.

Team Peter will look to rebound after its tough loss last week to Beastmode as Team 5 makes its TGBL debut.

Team Rust (John) will get a bye week.

Breakdown of Game 1:


After showcasing a strangle-hold zone defense last week, Beastmode looks to ride last week’s momentum (and Wilson Pak’s stellar play) to another victory this week. However, Team Kildong managed to eke out a victory last week overcoming both a zone defense and a high turnover game from its captain, Kildong Kim, thanks to David JJ Kim’s midrange shooting and Jon Lee’s long bombs. More than putting points on the scoreboard, Team Kildong should be concerned about containing Wilson and Thomas, who scored a great majority of the points for Beastmode last week.

Key Player (Beastmode): Thomas Kim.

Can he continue to make key shots at the same efficiency as last week? How will he perform against a slightly taller team featuring two 6footers (Howard Rim, David JJ Kim) and an elite defensive stopper (Jon Lee)?

Key Player (Team Kildong): Jacob Kim.

While the other starters have more or less hit their ceilings, Jacob shows much room and willingness to improve. In unofficial workouts, he has been seen grabbing loose boards with a hard nose for the ball and for finishing close to the basket. Can he bring that intensity and desire to the game on Friday?

Prediction: 21-18 Team Kildong.

Now that they have seen what the main pillars are on offense for Beastmode, they should be able to focus their defense and pick their battles well. Although much easier said than done, if they are able to execute defensively, Team Kildong should be able to ride out another victory on another night of well-balanced scoring amongst their starting five.

Breakdown of Game 2:


Team 5 makes its debut against Team Peter that is either still demoralized or hungry for victory from last week’s routing. Last week saw a team of six strangers trying to force a ball game. However, after getting an official game together under their belt, Team Peter should bounce back to make Team 5’s debut challenging. This game will feature two freshman debuts as well, as Gary Yi and Joy Min of Simon’s team will be taking the hardwood for the first time at the TGBL.

There is much mystery surrounding Team 5, as they are the only team to have not played a game yet. What kind of defense will they play? Are the freshmen phenoms Gary Yi and Joy Min really that good? Can Simon run a whole game to 21? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you come watch games ~10PM Friday!

Key Player (Team Peter): Peter Nguyen.

As the captain of this team, Peter did not establish himself in any kind of role last game. He seemed lost at times, shooting threes one play and posting up the next. In a team that saw Zion Hwang (!) run point guard for stretches of the game, can Peter establish a role for himself and direct his team from there?

Key Player (Team 5): Dan Ahn.

The Junior guard, known for his speedy but reckless style of play, needs to contain himself. On playing passing lanes and getting to the basket, there are few in the league who are better. However, can he drive and dish, instead of going for his signature 720 layup?

Prediction: 21-16 Team 5

This game will be interesting as it will feature very different styles of play. While Team Peter has only one ball handler (Stephen Chang), Team 5 can have up to four different players bring up the ball (Simon Kim, Dan Ahn, Gary Yi, Joy Min). The heady play of Simon and Gary should help Team 5’s shot selection to be good and for their offense to be efficient. Moreover, since the team has 3 players (Simon Kim, Gary Yi, Joy Min) who shoot the 3 confidently, the team has a bit of an edge in a scoring format where an outside shot is worth twice as much as one inside.

Opening Weekend!

Hello all, sorry for the late post. This weekend was very hectic for the commish. But enough about me…

Let’s start things off with a recap of Game 1:

Recap: In the opening minutes, it looked like John’s team was going to match up very well with Kildong’s team. They were forcing Kildong into some bad shots and JJ wasn’t hitting his shots at a very high clip. Also, Billy showed his dominance in the paint by recording a near double-double, falling just one point short.

However, as the game wore on, John’s team couldn’t overcome the poor shooting of John and James from the three point line. The 2 best 3 point shooters on the team combined for 1 long range score. In the end, they couldn’t capitalize on Kildong’s many turnovers and they lost on a surprising three from Jonathan Lee.

Player of the Game: Howard Rim.

Howard did just about everything this game. He stole balls, grabbed boards, scored a few points and forced jump balls. He really showed why he was a first round pick.

X-Factor: Jon Lee.

One of his 2 clutch threes sealed the win and halted John’s team’s comeback.

Game 2:

Recap: Beast Mode came out of the game charging, possibly fueled by the lack of confidence in them by the local media. With Wilson Pak leading the way, they scored almost at will, creating an 11 point lead that they would never relinquish. Beast Mode played a VERY physical game down low and even had one basket off a questionable inbounds play, but even without these iffy calls, they clearly showed that they are the cream of the crop of TGBL.

Player of the Game: Wilson Pak.

Scoring 13 points while still recording 5 dimes = the makings of an MVP candidate.

X-Factor: Thomas Kim.

Even with Wilson scoring 60% of the points, Thomas still got his share, solidifying himself as the number 2 scoring option on the team. He was able to convert when Wilson gave him opportunities and did not make many mistakes.

This week’s schedule:

Game 1 will feature a clash between the 2 winning teams from this past week. Kildong’s high energy team goes against what looks to be the best team in the league so far, Beast Mode. However, only one team can come out of this game with a win.

In game 2, Peter’s team looks to bounce back from a opening day loss against Team 5 (Simon), who will be making their debut.

The breakdown of this game will be posted later this week. As for the stats, The commissioner and the head statistician (Cliff Brice Kim) are working on posting them online. They will be up ASAP.

On a final note, TGBL would like to thank all the fans who came out to support the teams. We really couldn’t do this without you… Okay, that was a lie. But thanks to you guys, we get to see people try much harder than a normal pickup game. And for that, we thank you.

One more final note. Here are the rules you need to know in case you forgot them or weren’t there to hear them:

1. No cursing – Will result in one FT for opposing team.

2. No fighting – Ejection from game and possible suspension.

3. All games will be to 21 straight up.

4. All eligible members of a team must play.

5. 5 eligible members of the team must be present or they forfeit the game.

6. To be an eligible member, one must attend one of the following events every week:

  • Sunday Service @ 11AM (Pickups are at 10:30AM)
  • Small Group (Time and location varies. Please see me or Patrick Choi if you would like to know how to get plugged into a small group.)
  • Friday Service @ 7PM (Pickups are at (6:30PM)

Captains, please give me your team names by the end of this week. I’m sick of calling your teams John’s team or Kildong’s team. You guys aren’t important enough to be in the name of your team…


“Message to TGBL main correspondent Simon Kim:
Team John Kim would like to guarantee a victory over Team Kildong this weekend in the TGBL season opener”

– James Choi

“Team John Kim? Team Kildong? Please come up with more creative names than that or risk a suspension from the league.”

– Simon Kim, in response to James Choi’s guarantee

As the start of the TGBL season approaches, tempers are flaring and the intensity is reaching new heights. As we can see from the quote by long range shooter James Choi, Junior, some people are unhappy with the analysis of beat writer Simon Kim. Especially disgruntled was Beast Mode, who was predicted to endure a blowout loss to Team 3 (Peter). A source close to Wilson Pak has told TGBL that he is disappointed with the prediction and will look to prove Simon Kim wrong.

“I’m not trying to take sides, but a writer does have to create some controversy. Or else, what’s the point?”

– Simon Kim

Simon Kim tries to defend his decisions in the predictions he has made. Both teams he has picked to lose are giving him much grief over the fact that they are underdogs. The threats are reaching a point where it may not just be a joke anymore. Last night, as Simon Kim was heading home from class, there were 4 members from the predicted losing teams waiting for him in his room, knife in hand. He knew he was in trouble when he heard the music that was playing in the background: a live performance of KillaB.

We’ll see how everything plays out tomorrow night in TGBL’s debut season. Don’t miss it!

P.S. Some of the stories may have been fabricated in this article.

Schedule for 2/5

This Friday will be the first round of games. The rules will be similar to pickup games with a few minor tweaks. Those rules will be explained on Friday.

The first game will be between Team 1 (Kildong) vs. Team 2 (John).

The second game will be between Team 3 (Peter) vs. Team 4 (Wilson’s team which will be known as “Beast Mode” from now on).

Please decide on a team name by this Friday and determine what color your team will wear. So far Wilson’s team has chosen blue but no other colors have been taken. Captains please contact me with what color your team will be wearing.

Breakdown of Game 1:

Overview: John Kim will finally showcase his talents after being away from the game for six months. Through rigorous training in the past month, John Kim has whipped himself into shape and shown that he still has the devastating long range shot that gave him the credibility of a undisputed top 10 player at KCS. Playing an inside-outside game with Billy Kang, along with the Eddie House-like ability of James to catch fire at any moment, John’s team is a force to be reckoned with.

On the other side, we have Korean native Kildong Kim, leading a team of young, scrappy freshmen. With 3 freshmen in the lineup, Kildong will look to Howard Rim, Junior, for leadership and experience. Howard Rim showcased his skills Sunday night in an exhibition game, lighting up a Wilson-led squad to an impressive 18 point victory.

Key Player: Nick Wong. Will he show up? (Figuratively and literally)

David Kim. With limited scoring options on Kildong’s team, David Kim will have to hit the midrange shot that has made him a household name.

Prediction: 15-12, Team 1 (Kildong). If Howard can neutralize Billy inside without any help defense, it may be difficult for John to get open looks on the outside. Unless James is on fire from three, the energy and hustle from the freshman talent on Kildong’s team will prevail in the opener of TGBL.

Breakdown of Game 2:

Overview: Wilson, the undisputed best player in the league, leads his team, Beast Mode (pretty gay name…), in the second game of the doubleheader. Even without a first round pick, Wilson’s team has emerged as one of the favorites to take the title. With super-veteran Peter Lim, Wilson looks to open the season with a W.

Peter Nguyen has drafted a team with almost unlimited scoring power. With Stephen and Danny playing the guard spots, Zion and Keith playing the wings and the person closest to dunking in the league anchoring the middle, Peter’s team is a force to be reckoned with.

Key Player: Sam Song. Who does he guard? Does he shut down Stephen’s outside shot? Or do they use him to neutralize Zion inside?

Stephen Chang. Can he distribute the ball and be unselfish? With the natural game of a shooting guard, Stephen will have to adapt to his role as the defacto PG of his team.

Prediction: 15-9, Team 3(Peter). Too many mismatches and a one-man oriented offense will make it difficult for Beast Mode to win. If two to three players on Peter’s team gets hot, Beast Mode won’t be able to put out the flames.