Schedule for 2/5

This Friday will be the first round of games. The rules will be similar to pickup games with a few minor tweaks. Those rules will be explained on Friday.

The first game will be between Team 1 (Kildong) vs. Team 2 (John).

The second game will be between Team 3 (Peter) vs. Team 4 (Wilson’s team which will be known as “Beast Mode” from now on).

Please decide on a team name by this Friday and determine what color your team will wear. So far Wilson’s team has chosen blue but no other colors have been taken. Captains please contact me with what color your team will be wearing.

Breakdown of Game 1:

Overview: John Kim will finally showcase his talents after being away from the game for six months. Through rigorous training in the past month, John Kim has whipped himself into shape and shown that he still has the devastating long range shot that gave him the credibility of a undisputed top 10 player at KCS. Playing an inside-outside game with Billy Kang, along with the Eddie House-like ability of James to catch fire at any moment, John’s team is a force to be reckoned with.

On the other side, we have Korean native Kildong Kim, leading a team of young, scrappy freshmen. With 3 freshmen in the lineup, Kildong will look to Howard Rim, Junior, for leadership and experience. Howard Rim showcased his skills Sunday night in an exhibition game, lighting up a Wilson-led squad to an impressive 18 point victory.

Key Player: Nick Wong. Will he show up? (Figuratively and literally)

David Kim. With limited scoring options on Kildong’s team, David Kim will have to hit the midrange shot that has made him a household name.

Prediction: 15-12, Team 1 (Kildong). If Howard can neutralize Billy inside without any help defense, it may be difficult for John to get open looks on the outside. Unless James is on fire from three, the energy and hustle from the freshman talent on Kildong’s team will prevail in the opener of TGBL.

Breakdown of Game 2:

Overview: Wilson, the undisputed best player in the league, leads his team, Beast Mode (pretty gay name…), in the second game of the doubleheader. Even without a first round pick, Wilson’s team has emerged as one of the favorites to take the title. With super-veteran Peter Lim, Wilson looks to open the season with a W.

Peter Nguyen has drafted a team with almost unlimited scoring power. With Stephen and Danny playing the guard spots, Zion and Keith playing the wings and the person closest to dunking in the league anchoring the middle, Peter’s team is a force to be reckoned with.

Key Player: Sam Song. Who does he guard? Does he shut down Stephen’s outside shot? Or do they use him to neutralize Zion inside?

Stephen Chang. Can he distribute the ball and be unselfish? With the natural game of a shooting guard, Stephen will have to adapt to his role as the defacto PG of his team.

Prediction: 15-9, Team 3(Peter). Too many mismatches and a one-man oriented offense will make it difficult for Beast Mode to win. If two to three players on Peter’s team gets hot, Beast Mode won’t be able to put out the flames.


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    shotty black

  2. David on

    These breakdowns and summaries are awesome.

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