“Message to TGBL main correspondent Simon Kim:
Team John Kim would like to guarantee a victory over Team Kildong this weekend in the TGBL season opener”

– James Choi

“Team John Kim? Team Kildong? Please come up with more creative names than that or risk a suspension from the league.”

– Simon Kim, in response to James Choi’s guarantee

As the start of the TGBL season approaches, tempers are flaring and the intensity is reaching new heights. As we can see from the quote by long range shooter James Choi, Junior, some people are unhappy with the analysis of beat writer Simon Kim. Especially disgruntled was Beast Mode, who was predicted to endure a blowout loss to Team 3 (Peter). A source close to Wilson Pak has told TGBL that he is disappointed with the prediction and will look to prove Simon Kim wrong.

“I’m not trying to take sides, but a writer does have to create some controversy. Or else, what’s the point?”

– Simon Kim

Simon Kim tries to defend his decisions in the predictions he has made. Both teams he has picked to lose are giving him much grief over the fact that they are underdogs. The threats are reaching a point where it may not just be a joke anymore. Last night, as Simon Kim was heading home from class, there were 4 members from the predicted losing teams waiting for him in his room, knife in hand. He knew he was in trouble when he heard the music that was playing in the background: a live performance of KillaB.

We’ll see how everything plays out tomorrow night in TGBL’s debut season. Don’t miss it!

P.S. Some of the stories may have been fabricated in this article.


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  1. cliff on

    use some tabs and bolds/italics/underline to change up the styling. too bland to read quickly.. ❤

  2. Wilson Pak on

    nigga wanna hustle what what what!

  3. Wilson Pak on

    nigga wanna hustle! what what what.

  4. cliff on

    wilson, this is the line and youre over there.

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