Opening Weekend!

Hello all, sorry for the late post. This weekend was very hectic for the commish. But enough about me…

Let’s start things off with a recap of Game 1:

Recap: In the opening minutes, it looked like John’s team was going to match up very well with Kildong’s team. They were forcing Kildong into some bad shots and JJ wasn’t hitting his shots at a very high clip. Also, Billy showed his dominance in the paint by recording a near double-double, falling just one point short.

However, as the game wore on, John’s team couldn’t overcome the poor shooting of John and James from the three point line. The 2 best 3 point shooters on the team combined for 1 long range score. In the end, they couldn’t capitalize on Kildong’s many turnovers and they lost on a surprising three from Jonathan Lee.

Player of the Game: Howard Rim.

Howard did just about everything this game. He stole balls, grabbed boards, scored a few points and forced jump balls. He really showed why he was a first round pick.

X-Factor: Jon Lee.

One of his 2 clutch threes sealed the win and halted John’s team’s comeback.

Game 2:

Recap: Beast Mode came out of the game charging, possibly fueled by the lack of confidence in them by the local media. With Wilson Pak leading the way, they scored almost at will, creating an 11 point lead that they would never relinquish. Beast Mode played a VERY physical game down low and even had one basket off a questionable inbounds play, but even without these iffy calls, they clearly showed that they are the cream of the crop of TGBL.

Player of the Game: Wilson Pak.

Scoring 13 points while still recording 5 dimes = the makings of an MVP candidate.

X-Factor: Thomas Kim.

Even with Wilson scoring 60% of the points, Thomas still got his share, solidifying himself as the number 2 scoring option on the team. He was able to convert when Wilson gave him opportunities and did not make many mistakes.

This week’s schedule:

Game 1 will feature a clash between the 2 winning teams from this past week. Kildong’s high energy team goes against what looks to be the best team in the league so far, Beast Mode. However, only one team can come out of this game with a win.

In game 2, Peter’s team looks to bounce back from a opening day loss against Team 5 (Simon), who will be making their debut.

The breakdown of this game will be posted later this week. As for the stats, The commissioner and the head statistician (Cliff Brice Kim) are working on posting them online. They will be up ASAP.

On a final note, TGBL would like to thank all the fans who came out to support the teams. We really couldn’t do this without you… Okay, that was a lie. But thanks to you guys, we get to see people try much harder than a normal pickup game. And for that, we thank you.

One more final note. Here are the rules you need to know in case you forgot them or weren’t there to hear them:

1. No cursing – Will result in one FT for opposing team.

2. No fighting – Ejection from game and possible suspension.

3. All games will be to 21 straight up.

4. All eligible members of a team must play.

5. 5 eligible members of the team must be present or they forfeit the game.

6. To be an eligible member, one must attend one of the following events every week:

  • Sunday Service @ 11AM (Pickups are at 10:30AM)
  • Small Group (Time and location varies. Please see me or Patrick Choi if you would like to know how to get plugged into a small group.)
  • Friday Service @ 7PM (Pickups are at (6:30PM)

Captains, please give me your team names by the end of this week. I’m sick of calling your teams John’s team or Kildong’s team. You guys aren’t important enough to be in the name of your team…


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    50 aint skinny
    Tupac aint skinny

    N*gg* wanna talk about _____ shorty

  2. Wilson Pak on

    what what n***** wanna hustle

  3. Wilson Pak on

    that wasn’t me. just to let everybody know.

  4. Wilson Pak on

    yes it was. i give you my word.

  5. Wilson Pak on

    and my bow.

  6. Wilson Pak on

    and my axe.

  7. Wilson Wak on

    and my six Pak

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