Precap for Friday 2/12/10

Hello Grovians!

This week, we bring you more fun and exciting match ups!!

The winning teams will go head to head to claim tentative supremacy when Beastmode takes on Team Kildong.

Team Peter will look to rebound after its tough loss last week to Beastmode as Team 5 makes its TGBL debut.

Team Rust (John) will get a bye week.

Breakdown of Game 1:


After showcasing a strangle-hold zone defense last week, Beastmode looks to ride last week’s momentum (and Wilson Pak’s stellar play) to another victory this week. However, Team Kildong managed to eke out a victory last week overcoming both a zone defense and a high turnover game from its captain, Kildong Kim, thanks to David JJ Kim’s midrange shooting and Jon Lee’s long bombs. More than putting points on the scoreboard, Team Kildong should be concerned about containing Wilson and Thomas, who scored a great majority of the points for Beastmode last week.

Key Player (Beastmode): Thomas Kim.

Can he continue to make key shots at the same efficiency as last week? How will he perform against a slightly taller team featuring two 6footers (Howard Rim, David JJ Kim) and an elite defensive stopper (Jon Lee)?

Key Player (Team Kildong): Jacob Kim.

While the other starters have more or less hit their ceilings, Jacob shows much room and willingness to improve. In unofficial workouts, he has been seen grabbing loose boards with a hard nose for the ball and for finishing close to the basket. Can he bring that intensity and desire to the game on Friday?

Prediction: 21-18 Team Kildong.

Now that they have seen what the main pillars are on offense for Beastmode, they should be able to focus their defense and pick their battles well. Although much easier said than done, if they are able to execute defensively, Team Kildong should be able to ride out another victory on another night of well-balanced scoring amongst their starting five.

Breakdown of Game 2:


Team 5 makes its debut against Team Peter that is either still demoralized or hungry for victory from last week’s routing. Last week saw a team of six strangers trying to force a ball game. However, after getting an official game together under their belt, Team Peter should bounce back to make Team 5’s debut challenging. This game will feature two freshman debuts as well, as Gary Yi and Joy Min of Simon’s team will be taking the hardwood for the first time at the TGBL.

There is much mystery surrounding Team 5, as they are the only team to have not played a game yet. What kind of defense will they play? Are the freshmen phenoms Gary Yi and Joy Min really that good? Can Simon run a whole game to 21? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you come watch games ~10PM Friday!

Key Player (Team Peter): Peter Nguyen.

As the captain of this team, Peter did not establish himself in any kind of role last game. He seemed lost at times, shooting threes one play and posting up the next. In a team that saw Zion Hwang (!) run point guard for stretches of the game, can Peter establish a role for himself and direct his team from there?

Key Player (Team 5): Dan Ahn.

The Junior guard, known for his speedy but reckless style of play, needs to contain himself. On playing passing lanes and getting to the basket, there are few in the league who are better. However, can he drive and dish, instead of going for his signature 720 layup?

Prediction: 21-16 Team 5

This game will be interesting as it will feature very different styles of play. While Team Peter has only one ball handler (Stephen Chang), Team 5 can have up to four different players bring up the ball (Simon Kim, Dan Ahn, Gary Yi, Joy Min). The heady play of Simon and Gary should help Team 5’s shot selection to be good and for their offense to be efficient. Moreover, since the team has 3 players (Simon Kim, Gary Yi, Joy Min) who shoot the 3 confidently, the team has a bit of an edge in a scoring format where an outside shot is worth twice as much as one inside.


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