Recap of 2/12 and Schedule for 2/19 (I know it’s a boring title…)

Game 1:

Recap: Game 1 started pretty slowly and competitively, getting to a score of 5-4 before Kildong’s Team decided to call a time out. During this time out, Beast Mode must have gotten their hands on some of Michael’s Secret Stuff because when they ran back on to the court, the game was decided in less than 10 minutes. Thomas Kim caught fire and hit 5 twos, never missing an opportunity. Thomas’s shooting mixed with Sam’s hustle, Peter’s defense, Wilson’s leadership and opportune steals and rebounds from James, Capo and Matt propelled Beast Mode to a 21-9 victory, crushing beat writer John Kim’s prediction for the outcome of the game.

Kildong’s Team could only watch as they amassed numerous turnovers, took bad shots, and didn’t get many second opportunities. Kildong was held scoreless and Jon could not replicate his long range shooting performance from last week. The 3-2 zone meant to stop the other team from scoring long range shots did not accomplish its job, as more than 60% of Beast Mode’s points came from behind the arc.

The only problem we may have seen from Beast Mode this game was Peter Lim’s temper. He will have to control it before it gets him in to any more trouble.

Player of the Game: Thomas Kim.

A TGBL record 5 twos. Enough said.

X-Factor: Sam Song.

One of his dives were so spectacular, the statisticians made a note of it.

Game 2:

Recap: Simon’s Team debuted this week against Peter’s Team, who was trying to bounce back from a 9 point loss last week. Simon’s Team looked nervous early on, missing easy shots, giving Peter’s Team open looks and letting them build a 3 point lead a few minutes into the game. But once they settled their nerves, Simon’s Team took off.

Joy Min and Gary Ng led the charge, scoring 18 combined points, 10 of them coming from downtown. With the offense taken care of, Dan Ahn, David Lu, and Josh Lee focused on playing tight defense on the perimeter and making sure Peter Nguyen would have a hard time doing anything in the post. Peter’s Team was limited to 13 points in the defeat.

It didn’t help Peter’s Team that Zion Hwang, one of the staples of their offense, got injured halfway through the game. His midrange shooting and lock-down defense are huge assets that cannot be replaced on this team. This injury also left them without a sub, making fatigue a greater issue. Overall, the team looked out of sync and unable to create shots for each other. They’ll have to figure out a way to get more open looks before next week’s game.

Player of the Game: Joy Min and Gary Ng.

As mentioned before, 18 of 21 points for Simon’s Team. They were unstoppable on offense and impenetrable on defense.

X-Factor: Dan Ahn.

Other than scoring 1 of the 3 points not scored by Joy or Gary, Dan Ahn limited his turnovers and made sure nobody in his section of the zone made any twos.

Schedule for 2/19:

In the first game of the night, Kildong’s Team will take on Simon’s Team. One tries to show that they are still a force in the league while the other tries to ride the momentum of its last game.

The night(-er) cap of the doubleheader features Beast Mode taking on John’s Team. Beast Mode looks to stay undefeated while John’s Team comes fresh off a bye, looking for their first victory.

Peter’s Team has the week off.

The preview will be out before Thursday so keep checking TGBL!


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  1. Dan Ahn on

    Michaels Secret Stuff…LOL

    Good times

  2. angela on

    haha hi simon. I think I can discern your’s and John’s posts.

    • SlimThug on

      doesn’t it say who it is written by?

      • angela on

        if it does, I didn’t see it…

  3. bmb on

    you guys should put up pictures or something to spice this up.. maybe some action shots. would make it legit.

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