Who will stop the Beast?…. Mode….


Game 1:


This game is all about hunger. Will Team Kildong, after suffering an embarrassing loss to Beastmode last week want it more? Will Simon be hungry? Pun intended. Team Simon managed to beat Team Peter last week depending heavily on Freshmen Phenoms Joy Min and Gary Yi. However, this week they seem to have met their matches in Jon Lee and David JJ Kim. This week, it is really up to Team Kildong to rotate and make sure that they do not give up any threes. And, they also need Kildong to man up and take over. There is a lot of hidden potential in this game, particularly for Simon’s team. Cliff Kim was seen lighting up the court like a young Brandon Roy during the preliminary exhibition matches before teams were made. Furthermore, David Lu has lit up an important member of Team Kildong (not to be named here) during exhibition matches. Whether it was just the relaxed atmosphere of a pick up game or inability, we will find out this Friday.

Key Player (Team Simon): Cliff Kim. Bring it Kobe.

Key Player (Team Kildong): Kildong Kim. He needs to take over the game, and not just in a scoring sense.

Prediction: 21 – 17 Team Simon

Team Simon has just too much firepower (every single player on the team can hit the open shot) and Team Kildong’s offense seems to stagnant at times. Once Team Simon gets rolling, they will be hard to stop.


Game 2:


The second game features the Wilson Pak led Beast Mode team, facing off against John’s Team who is hungry for their first win. I was fortunate enough to sneak into one of Beast Mode’s practice sessions and was able to see their preparation for the game. Mentally and physically, they look very prepared for this matchup against a much larger team. The one factor they have working against them is Peter Lim’s back, which is not 100% at this point.

John’s Team seems to have a myriad of problems heading into this game. Will Patty’s absence play a large role in Billy’s production? Will Nick show up again? Who will command that 5th starting position between Stanley, Wayne and Dennis? How big of a factor will Dennis be in his debut game? Can John Kim lose 20 pounds to get into shape before tomorrow? Many of these questions, especially the last one, could decide the fate of this game.

Key Player (Beast Mode): James Lee.

Seeing what Tom did last week, I’m sure John’s Team will ty to limit his production. Can Wilson Pak’s student give them the scoring boost if Tom can’t make it rain?

Key Player (John’s Team): John Kim.

After a horrendous shooting night against Kildong’s team 2 weeks ago, John Kim needs to get the basket through the hoop a few more times to have a chance at winning. If he has another off night, this team will struggle to match the fast-paced offense of Beast Mode.

Prediction: 21-14 Beast Mode

Too much teamwork and chemistry from Beast Mode for John’s Team to try and stop. Their lack of perimeter defenders to guard both Wilson AND Tom as well as their streaky shooting could be this team’s downfall. If John’s Team can hit Billy in the post hard and often (assuming Billy converts his opportunities), slows the tempo of the game to set up their half-court offense, hits a ton of twos, and doesn’t turn over the ball too much, they have a shot at winning. But the chances of all that happening? About as high as the chance of John NOT ordering Chinese food tonight = not likely.


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