I Hate Mondays… But at least we have TGBL

We’ll waste no time in getting right into the recaps.

Game 1:


Kildong’s Team had their sights set on taking down Sic-Bo (formerly known as Simon’s Team), running out of the gate with high energy and hustle. Although there was no pre-cap for this game (thanks to John Kim’s enormous blunder), there were just as many fans attending to watch the game.

Sic-Bo jumped out to an early lead behind the smart play of Gary and Joy, draining twos and finding open layups for their teammates, but Team Kildong wouldn’t let up. With Howard and Jacob combining for 39 rebounds, most of them being offensive, Team Kildong was never out of it. Even though the team was shooting a low percentage from the field, they had second, third and fourth chances to put the ball back.

Even while giving up all these opportunities, Sic-Bo’s relentless defense made sure that they maintained the lead they had created early in the game. Even with Jon Lee finding his long range shooting stroke from his first game, Sic-Bo never lost the lead.

However, as the game was coming closer and closer to the end, Kildong Kim went on fire, making 4-5, layups in just as many possessions to make it an 18-19 game. Sic-Bo then called time-out to draw up one last play.

55 minutes into the game and everybody drenched with sweat, the game would end on a play drawn up by Joy Min. Joy set a great screen for Simon to get open, catch the pass from Gary and drain the open 2. Although there was some controversy on a possible travel on the last play, the basket counted and Sic-Bo stayed undefeated.

Player of the Game: Joy Min

He once again led the team in scoring while grabbing the most rebounds for Sic-Bo in this game. Most importantly, he drew up the final play that won the game.

X-Factor: Jacob Kim (Team Kildong)

Although his team lost, Jacob grabbed 17 boards that kept Team Kildong in the game until the last shot. His hustle was something nobody on Sic-Bo seemed to be able to stop.

Game 2:


With Billy Kang, the leading scorer and rebounder for John’s Team, out due to a 1 game suspension from the league for violating league rules, people were writing off John’s Team against Beast Mode, the best team in the league so far.

The game looked to fulfill the prophecy until John Kim and Nick Wong started draining their twos. Combined with a great night from Stanley Huang, a mismatch on defense for James Choi and 4 points from Wayne Chen, John’s Team clawed back from a 10 point deficit to make it a 4 point game.

Beast Mode’s captain Wilson Pak decided that it was time to end the comeback and led his team to a 21-16 victory, the closest anybody has gotten to beating Beast Mode.

Player of the Game: Wilson Pak

Although he started on the bench, he was once again the leading scorer for his team.

X-Factor: Wayne Chen and Stanley Huang (Team John)

Their heart, hustle and ability to hit open shots allowed them to stay in the game longer than most people would have predicted. They stepped up big to try and make up for the loss of Billy. They also had to play the entire game because there were no subs.

This week…

There will be no games!! The church is having an ice-skating event at Tennity (?) Ice Pavillion (I definitely made that name up). Please come out for a great night of fellowship and enjoy the week off!

Current Standings

Team W L PF PA
Beast Mode (4) 3 0 63 37
Sic-Bo (5) 2 0 42 31
Kildong (1) 1 2 48 60
John (2) 0 2 34 42
Team Awesome (3) 0 2 25 42

*Team John is ahead of Team Peter due to having more Points For.


3 comments so far

  1. Beast Mode on

    Where Beast Mode Happens…

  2. jaywykay on

    boo! simon also played a role in the blunder because he refused to give john full admin rights and thus caused the mixup (the precap for the game, which includes a prophetical prediction, was posted on my blog accidentally)

  3. the confused point guard on

    In response to Game 1: Sic-Bo vs Team Kildong

    Might want to consider rewriting that post on Joy calling the last play because I didn’t understand a word of what he was saying =). hehheheehh

    – the confused point guard.

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