Week 4!!

Breakdown of Game 1:


This Friday, TGBL brings you a battle of the titans. Sic-Bo and Beastmode, both undefeated, go at it in a battle for regular season supremacy. At this point in the season, we know what to expect from each team. Hot shooting from Thomas Kim. Similarly hot shooting from Joy Min and Gary Yi. Dynamic on-court leadership from Wilson Pak. Simon Kim not making it past half-court. The defensive assignments will be interesting to see as defensive stalwart Peter Lim will be often forced to slide up to guard the three point line. Furthermore, the flow of the game will depend on how Simon Kim manages his defense to guard the now-dreaded-within-TGBL Tom Corner Trey (TCT for short). Beastmode has terrorized teams by dropping loads of change (dimes, specifically) to feed the TCT. Similarly, Sic-Bo features a 3-man pick and pop system around the top of the key with Dan Ahn floating around, getting to the rim at will.

All of those words meant to say this: Whoever has more hot hands will win.

Key Player (Sic-Bo): Dan Ahn. Can he continue owning the passing and driving lanes? Will he continue his excellent basketball using his athleticism and vision to find the open man?

Key Player (Beastmode): James Lee. Not known at first as a shooter, James Lee’s jumpshot has improved spectacularly since the beginning of the season. Can he keep the defense honest and take the pressure off of Wilson Pak, Thomas Kim, and Sam Song?

Prediction: 21-18 Beastmode

Having had a week off last week, it will probably be difficult for most to get back into their shooting rhythms. However, the members of Beastmode are extremely dedicated and practice together weekly. Furthermore, their stifling defense at the three point line should force enough misses and bad shots to win.

Game 2:


Game 2 features a matchup of the 2 winless teams in the league, fighting to keep some part of their pride. Although there have been tons of trade rumors between these two teams, nothing has been made official, in part due to the inability of Zion’s ankle to heal. Even after these two teams play each other, we may not know which team is actually better.

Peter’s Team (Team Awesome) has had some problems in the past with team chemistry. As mentioned in the very first matchup analysis, we realized that they didn’t have a true point guard and this led to an inability for a player to create shots for anybody else on the team. Simon Kim thought this would be easily overcome by the efforts of Peter Nguyen and Stephen Chang playing a two-headed PG, but he was proven wrong quickly.

John’s Team played well in both games they’ve been in so far but they just came up short twice. However in both games, we saw what problems their teams are very flawed with. In the first game, we realized that without consistent shooting from the outside from John and James, their team would have a hard time scoring. In the second game, we saw the importance of Billy Kang in the post, commanding much of the defenses attention and giving them a real threat down low. In both games, we saw that John runs out of gas 2 minutes into the game.

Key Player (Team Awesome): Stephen Chang.

With the possible absence of Peter Nguyen, Keith Lim and Zion Hwang, Stephen will have to step it up with possible reserves in order to pull his team to a W.

Key Player (John’s Team): Stanley Huang and Wayne Chen.

They stepped it up big in Billy’s absence last week. Will they show us that last week wasn’t just a one time deal?

Prediction: 21-14 John’s Team

John’s Team pulls out their first victory over a team with too many problems. John’s Team has too much talent to remain winless after 3 weeks. Their desire to win, along with the absence of Zion Hwang will almost guarantee a win for Team John.


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    i bet teams love playing us. it’s apparently guaranteed to be a good game and a win

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