Playoffs?!!? We’re talking about playoffs?!?!

The final standings for TGBL looks like this

Beast Mode (4-0)

Sic-Bo (3-1)

Kildong’s Team (1-2-1)

Team Awesome (1-2-1)

John’s Team (0-4)

This means that John’s Team is eliminated from the playoff race.

The playoffs will be starting this SATURDAY (please note that it is not Friday due to the KASA formal) at around 9 PM (but it really depends on the availability of the courts).

The only rule change is that the games are up to 21, win by 2, cap 25.

Most importantly, there will be a prize that is awarded to the winner of the championship. More details to follow…

Game 1

Beast Mode vs. Team Awesome

Preview: The first time these teams played, Beast Mode cruised to an easy win. We’ll see what adjustments Team Awesome makes to stop Wilson from scoring all over them. Peter Nguyen has not been present at the team’s last 2 games and we’ll see how much this affects their chemistry.

Key Player:

Team Awesome: Zion Hwang

The self-proclaimed defensive specialist will have to either lock down on Tom to stop his barrage of 2’s or try to slow Wilson down 1 on 1.

Beast Mode: Wilson Pak

There’s no way to look at Beast Mode and say that Wilson Pak isn’t the key player for them to win this game or the championship game. If Wilson is not on his game, this team will struggle to beat any of the teams in the league

Prediction: Beast Mode 21-15

Team Awesome isn’t going to let Beast Mode come out and walk all over them like the first game. However, even with the few adjustments they may make, I believe Wilson Pak is just too much for Team Awesome to handle.

Game 2

Kildong’s Team vs. Sic-Bo

Preview: During the regular season, this game ended up being one of the longest, most grueling matches to both watch and play in. Taking almost an hour to complete, this game had 4 people with double-digit rebounds, a late surge from Kildong Kim that tied the game, and a questionable final play where Simon Kim hit a three after a possible uncalled travel. How will this rematch compare to the prequel?

Key Player:

Kildong’s Team: Howard Rim

Just like last game, Howard needs to dominate the paint and grab offensive rebounds to give his team a chance at winning this game.

Sic-Bo: Josh Lee

A late free agent add-on who has developed his game in the past few weeks. He’ll have to keep Howard off the glass in order to stop the upset from happening.

Prediction: I’m not going to predict my own game… All I will say is that it’s going to be a nail-biter.


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  1. jaywykay on

    Simon Kim at 0:25

  2. the confused point guard on

    thats mean, I definitely feel it was more like this

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