After much anticipation and consideration, here are the TGBL teams for the upcoming season!

Much thanks to Wilson Pak and Simon Kim for putting all this together

Team 1
Nick Wong
Gary Ng
David JJ Kim
Will Zhou
Joe Hyun
Brian Kim
Sunghwan Kim
Danny Ryu

Team 2
Joshua Lee
Wilson Pak
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kwon
Christian Kim
Capo Chang
OneJune Cho
Matt Park

Team 3
Billy Kang
Thomas Kim
Jon Lee
Sam Song
Justin Kim
Stanley Huang
Dennis Oh
Ben Choe

Team 4
Howard Rim
Joy Min
James Choi
Zach  Han
Mike Sur
Dan Choi
Minwook Kang
Jason Kim

Team 5
Paul Kim
John Kim
Zion Hwang
Kevin Lee
Cliff Kim
Derrek Kang
Wayne Chen
Dan Ahn

Please come out tomorrow (Friday, January 28th) to get acclimated to your teams and get to know each other!


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  1. Jennifer on

    i want to watchhhhhh

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