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Stats for Week 4!!

Team 1: Foot Fire

Team 3: Better than you

Team 4: Goon Squad

Team 5: MSB


Box Score:

1) Better than You (7) v. Goon Squad (17)

2) MSB (14) v. Foot Fire (17)

Week 4 Standings:

1) Better than You (3-1)

2) Goon Squad (2-1)

3) Flightz (2-1)

4) Foot Fire (1-2)

5) MSB (0-3)

Week 4 Column MVPs:

-Points: James Choi (7)

-3Pts Made: Joy Min, James Choi, John Kim (3)

-Rebs: Howard Rim (13)

-Asts: Gary Ng (4)

-Stls: Gary Ng (5)

-Blks: Nick Wong (3)

Week 4 Season Leaderboard



Game 1: Goon Squad vs. That’s Better Than You at Everything (17-7)

Perhaps a bit complacent after previously defeating Goon Squad and going undefeated until this week, That’s Better Than You at Everything did not bring the energy that they had been consistently every week. Their defense looked loose, allowing Joy Min to catch on fire and take over the game. Led on by Joy Min and James Choi’s three point shooting and Howard Rim’s interior dominance, Goon Squad pressured That’s Better Than You at Everything the whole game into tough shots, some of them forced. With interior presence Billy Kang opting to shoot threes (he was this close on one attempt), That’s Better Than You at Everything had trouble spacing.

Player of the Game: Joy Min

Joy Min, with his (probably lucky) three point shooting, led the surge for Goon Squad to take an early lead.

X-Factor: James Choi

Even though Choi hit fewer threes than Min, the timing for his threes were critical. His second was the dagger that ended the game.

Game 2: Foot Fire vs. Magic School Bus (17-14)

The upside to this game was that one team would get its first victory; the downside was that the other would remain unvictorious. Fortunately for Foot Fire, the return of Gary Ng and Nick Wong proved to be extremely advantageous. Ng, with his pesky defense netted many steals while Wong took advantage of Paul Kim’s absence to dominate the rebounds. Magic School Bus was able to take a big early lead by taking advantage of the zone that Foot Fire played in the beginning. However, Magic School Bus’s play became sloppy and impotent once Foot Fire switched to man. Foot Fire went on a 10-2 run to close the game, as Magic School Bus went cold. The only bright spot for Magic School Bus was freshman Kevin Lee’s continued inspiring play.

Player of the Game: Gary Ng

Even though it was Nick Wong who had the game-winning bucket, it was Gary who orchestrated the offense for Foot Fire the whole game. He impacted both sides of the ball to drag his team to victory.

X-Factor: Danny Ryu

Off an assist from Joe Hyun, Danny Ryu hit a huge three during the 10-2 run that left Magic School Bus demoralized.


TGBL All-Star Weekend

It was a snowy morning in Syracuse, NY, not unlike the many to have come before it.  The frigid day, unspectacular except for the twenty-one who awoke their sleepy heads and braved that very unspectacular cold to pay their respects to a gym stained by the sweat of those pickup games who lived and died there.

Archbold Gymnasium- 1

Rookie v. sophomore

After taking a semester worth of pampering and loving the insecurities, character flaws and collective anxieties of this freshman class, the sophomore class reinstated smashmouth, totalitarian rule against the youngest brothers of KCS. Led by Pick 6 Crew of Jon Lee, Josh Lee, JJ Kim, Danny “Don’t Call me Daniel” Ryu, Zach Han and Joy “Jowee” Min, the sophomore class punished the freshmen class in a physical game that saw frustrations and barking arise from the big dogs of the east. Even a celebrity appearance by John “Thomas’s younger brother” Kim could not help the Rookies overcome the mountain of pure physicality and determination of the more skilled and more intelligent sophomores. In the end, school was in session on Saturday, and the sophomores just had more class.

Three Point Contest

Zion Hwang- 0

Joy Min overcame a strong beginning effort by fellow sophomore JJ Kim to become TGBL’s first ever three-point champion. To this day, winning the three-point competition is the only basketball promise that came true.

Upper v. Lower

The stars were aligned, the anthem set and the ferocious pace of a tug of war between the overstaffed underclassmen v. the depleted upperclassmen ensued. With spirits riding high for both sides, the underclassmen used their impressive numbers to run three complete teams of 5 on the court at 4 min. intervals. The fresh legs of team captains, Josh Lee, John Kim, and Joy Min was the biggest asset in a game that would be decided by overtime. Seniors Wilson Pak and John Kim carried the 6 man upperclassmen team, willing the veterans of TGBL to fight to put the young guns of KCS in their respective places.

As Sarah Han, the official timepiece of TGBL, counted down the clock of regulation, Joy Min stepped back and drained a three that would in fact give the underclassmen the lead with 3 seconds left. Instead, Senior John Kim called a line violation and designated that the game-winner would in fact be counted as a one, effectively tying, but not winning the game. Invigorated by a call in their favor, the upperclassmen came out swinging in OT and claimed a one-point lead that would have given them bragging rights except fate took TGBL down a series of Unforgettable Events. Reminiscent of Grant Hill’s and Christian Laettner’s late game heroics for DUKE, David JJ Kim would take an alley-oop jumper to re-tie the game in what is now remembered as the most exciting game in TGBL Association history.

If only the girls were there.

An emotionally drained underclassmen team would bow out to the ever resurgent Wilson Pak and Thomas Kim losing to the better, more experienced team just as pundits had predicted. It was unlike any TGBL all-star game this world has ever seen, probably because it was the first one.

-Joshua Lee


Hello Grovians and friends!

Here are this week’s match-ups to be played on Friday, February 18. All league participants, whether playing that particular week or not, are required to come to at least one church event per week. Failure to do so will result in a one-game suspension. If you guys couldn’t make the Sunday Service this past week, please make sure that you come out to Friday Service or your family group to avoid suspensions!

Game 1: That’s Better Than You in Everything vs. Goon Squad

Game 2: Foot Fire vs. Magic School Bus

Bye: Cuse Flightz

Recaps tomorrow and previews Thursday! Stay tuned!

Week 3 Stats!

Team 2: Cuse Flightz

Team 3: Better than you

Team 4: Goon Squad

Team 5: Magic School Bus


Box Score:

1) Flightz (16) – Goon (17)

2) MSB (4) – Better than you (17)

Week 3 Standings:

1) Better than You (3-0)

2) Flightz (2-1)

3) Goon Squad (1-1)

4) Foot Fire (0-2) (bye week)

5) MSB (0-2)

Week 3 Column MVPs:

-Points: Wilson Pak (12)

-3Pts Made: Wilson Pak, Sam Song, Joy Min (2)

-Rebs: Howard Rim (7)

-Asts: Christian Lee (3)

-Stls: Jon Lee (4)

-Blks: Wilson Pak, Billy Kang, Ben Choe (1)

Season Leaderboard:



Game 1: Cuse Flightz vs. Goon Squad


After a week of rest, Goon Squad looks to get its first victory after its close loss two weeks ago. Opposing them is Cuse Flightz, which is undefeated thus far into the season. However, tonight’s game looks to be Cuse Flightz’s biggest challenge into the season. So far, they have played a Foot Fire team without two of its starters, and a Magic School Bus team that was undermanned after injury. Particularly for freshman center Kevin Kwon, it will be a new challenge as he will go up against TGBL’s most physically prominent big man, Howard Rim.

Key Player (Cuse Flightz): Kevin Kwon

Can Kevin Kwon handle the physicality that Howard Rim brings into the game? It will be up to him to box out and secure the inside so that his teammates can focus on other facets of the game.

Key Player (Goon Squad): Joy Min

It is up to sophomore Joy Min to move the ball efficiently and space well to take advantage of the different defenses that Cuse Flightz will throw at them. More than scoring, he needs to focus on getting his team involved so that he can create good looks for himself late in the game.

Prediction: 17 – 14 Cuse Flightz

Cuse Flightz’s run and gun fast-break tempo is one that takes advantage of their biggest asset, fitness. With freshmen Kevin Kim, Christian Lee, and senior Wilson Pak pushing the ball, Goon Squad will have a difficult time getting set on defense and will be distracted from rebounding.

Game 2: That’s Better Than You in Everything vs. Magic School Bus


Magic School Bus comes into this week as the underdog. After their big man, Paul Kim, was injured, they have filled the hole with Sophomore Luke Jang. However, they remain supremely undersized as they go into the game against arguably one of the biggest teams in the league. That’s Better Than You in Everything is looking to continue is winning streak and remain undefeated. Behind senior Billy Kang, they have led a physical-defense-oriented style that has been successful for them. If sophomore Jon Lee and junior Thomas Kim get hot from the outside, they will be a hard team to beat. Particularly with solid secondary shooters in Stanley Huang and Sam Song, they remain a tough team to beat.

Key Player (That’s Better Than You in Everything): Billy Kang

With Paul Kim out of the picture, can Billy Kang dominate the inside as he should? How is he going to deal with the (probably) many double teams that they throw at him?

Key Player (Magic School Bus): Everyone

As senior guard John Kim continues his struggling TGBL career, all of the members of Magic School Bus need to work together and show the kind of heart that they had against Cuse Flightz last week. Cohesion and hustle are the keys to this week’s victory for Magic School Bus.

Prediction: 17-14

As aforementioned, Magic School Bus comes into this week as the league’s biggest underdog. However, depending on the amount of heart they show, and the shots that they hit, they should be able to give Team That’s Better Than You in Everything a good game.


Game 1: Cuse Flightz vs Magic School Bus (17-12)


Cuse Flightz showed its dominance again last Friday, as they put a damper on MSB’s season debut. Things went downhill for Magic School Bus as Paul Kim, starting center and emotional leader of MSB, went down with ankle injuries. We here at TGBL wish Paul the best in his recovery.

Cuse Flightz leader Wilson Pak took over the game with a near-triple double with 12 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 steals. Following him was Christian Lee, who continues to be an asset for Cuse Flightz both offensively and defensively. Last week’s other break-out freshman, Kevin Kim, was held scoreless by mainly Zion Hwang, but also succeeded in nullifying John Kim (John Kim was held to 1 point). Big men Josh Lee and Kevin Kwon contributed for 10 rebounds in the victory.

Magic School Bus, starting the game short-handed with no bench due to various absences by teammates, showed incredible heart throughout the game. Especially when Paul Kim went down, they were forced to play 5v4. Despite this, they refused to give up and consistently gave Cuse Flightz a ballgame. However, senior John Kim was made completely ineffective by Kevin Kim and Wilson Pak. Even though others picked up the slack, Magic School Bus was unable to secure the victory. Junior Zion Hwang had a good all-around game with 3 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. Kevin Lee had a Lebron-esque chase-down block in the loss.

Player of the Game: Wilson Pak

With his contributions on both sides of the ball, Wilson Pak dominated this game.

X-Factor: Dan Ahn

Dan Ahn carried Magic School Bus for long stretches of the game, probing the defense, running the passing lanes, and getting out on the break.

Game 2: That’s Better Than You in Everything vs Foot Fire (17-9)


Compared to the impressive physique and showmanship of Team Better Than You, the depleted Team Foot Fire looked like the impoverished peasants to the kings of the rough and tumble aka the “The Baby Blue Bombers.” Field general, Gary Ng rocking his graywashed jeans and carrying clipboard in hand could only watch from the sidelines, a captain very much unable to board his ship.

Week 2 had Team Better Than You reaffirm its identity as the most physically punishing team in TGBL. With the arrival of their new sleeveless jerseys, the muscly-armed upperclassmen instilled an era of physical play that intimidated the freshman-heavy roster of Team Foot Fire. With emotional team captain, Billy Kang leading the charge with a mind-numbing 10 pt. 16 rebound game, Team Better Than You is to this point, in the infant stages of this season, the most impressive team on the court.

An exhausted David “JJ” Kim remained positive. Claiming two tough losses without two of the team’s best players could help build a team fortitude that could manifest itself in the playoffs. With freshman Sunghwan Kim able to chip in with three solid points, JJ’s prediction for a newfound strength within his underclassman team could prove to be true sooner than later. With the slow returns of Nick Wong and Gary Ng, Team Foot Fire is on the verge of possibly turning the tables on a league that has been wise enough to not count them out yet.

Player of the Game: Billy Kang (That’s Better Than You in Everything)

Billy led his team in rebounding and scoring, recording a double-double with 10 points and 16 rebounds.

X-Factor: Brian Kim (Foot Fire)

Brian Kim continues to find ways to score. This week, he contributed 2 points and 5 rebounds.

-TGBL Writers Joshua Lee and John Kim contributed to this piece

Some Bad News, and Some Good News

Bad News:

As many of you saw last Friday, Paul Kim went down with a very severe ankle sprain right after hurting one of his other ankles. Unfortunately, the medical staff at Park Point and Paul himself has deemed him ineligible to play due to medical issues. And we know he would play if he could, as he demonstrated last Friday. However, there is some heavy swelling in his ankle region and it looks like he could be out for a while.

Let’s please keep Paul in our prayers.


Good News:

Luke Jang, a long-time committed member of The Grove, has been added on to the roster of Magic School Bus. We had to decline many late requests to join TGBL. However, with Paul’s injury and Luke’s commitment that he has shown to The Grove, TGBL Staff found it most fitting that he be added into the league.

Let’s all welcome Luke to the league!


Hello Grovians and friends!

Here are this week’s match-ups to be played on Friday, February 18. All league participants, whether playing that particular week or not, are required to come to at least one church event per week. Failure to do so will result in a one-game suspension. If you guys couldn’t make the Sunday Service this past week, please make sure that you come out to Friday Service or your family group to avoid suspensions!

Game 1: Cuse Flightz vs. Goon Squad

Game 2: Team That’s Better Than You in Everything vs. Magic School Bus

Bye: Foot Fire

This week, TGBL will have All-Star festivities! Please arrive at the gym by9:30AM on Saturday 2/19. Festivities will include randomized 3v3*, a 3PT Contest, and other activities. Please check the Facebook event for more details. BE SURE TO CLICK ATTENDING IF YOU WILL BE PARTICIPATING!
Those with legitimate excuses (NOT: “I slept in”) will be allowed to participate despite tardiness.

*The 3v3 will be randomized based on class. Each team will have one freshman, one sophomore/junior, and one senior.


Stats for Week 2!!

Stats for Week 2 brought to you by Dan, Z, Howard, and Brittany!

Team 1: Foot Fire

Team 2: Cuse Flightz

Team 3: Better than You

Team 5: Magic School Bus

Box Score:

1) Flightz (17) – MSB (12)

2) Better than You (17) – Foot Fire (9)

Week 2 Standings:

1) Flightz 2-0

2) Better than You 2-0

3) Magic School Bus 0-1

4) Goon Squad 0-1 (bye week)

5) Foot Fire 0-2

Week 2 Column MVPs:

1) Points: Wilson Pak (12)

2) 3Pts Made: Sunghwan Kim, Wilson Pak, Jon Lee (1)

3) Rebs: Billy Kang (16)

4) Asts: Zion Hwang (4)

5) Stls: Wilson Pak (7)

6) Blks: Jon Lee (2)

Also starting next week we will be posting up season leaders in each category. We are giving each team at least 2 games played before recording season leaders. Check back for Week 2 recap and Week 3 previews!!