Welcome to TGBL Season 2! Here are the rules!

Hello and welcome to another new, exciting season of TGBL! Who will be the rising stars? Which teams will persevere to reach the finals? All this and more to come. Thank you for your support!

Here are the rules for the upcoming season. There have been some changes made so please read through them even if you are a seasoned veteran. Also, please keep in mind that this is a basketball league designed to encourage fellowship within The Grove. As such, these rules are but minimums; please be respectful and mindful of the setting at all times!

1. No Cursing – The opposing team gets one technical free throw

2. No Fighting – Immediate ejection and possible suspension from following games

3. All eligible members of a team must play

4. At least 5 members of a team must be present – The opposing team gets a forfeit win

5. To be an eligible member of the league, everyone needs to attend at least one of the following events a week (regardless of whether his team is playing that week or not):

  • Sunday Service @ 11AM (Pickups @ 10:30AM – Kimmel, Flint, BB, Shaw, Goldstein)
  • Family Group (Time and location varies. Please see Jenny Ahn if you are not in a family group)
  • Friday Service @ 7PM (Pickups @ 6:30PM – Kimmel, Flint, BB, Shaw, Goldstein)

6. All games will be up to 21 straight up

7. Call your own fouls


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