TGBL Stats for Week 1!!

Your weekly stats presented by Dan Ahn, Cliff Kim, and John Kim!

A quick note: “3pts made” column does not add additional points. It is only the # of 3pts the player made. The points from 3s are already added to the “points” column. Not to be confused.

Team 1: Foot Fire

Team 2: Cuse Flightz

Team 3: Thats better than you in everything

Team 4: Goon Squad

Box Score:

Game 1: Goon Squad (10) – Better than You (13)

Game 2: Foot Fire (17) – Cuse Flightz (21)

Week 1 Standings:

1) Cuse Flightz 1-0

2) Better than you 1-0

3) Magic School Bus 0-0 (bye week)

4) Goon Squad 0-1

5) Foot Fire 0-1

Week 1 Column MVPs

Points: Wilson Pak (8)

3Pts: Danny Ryu (3)

Rebs: Howard Rim (14)

Asts: Wilson Pak (8)

Stls: Joy Min (3)

Blks: Joe Hyun (3)

Thats it for Week 1. Check back for John’s recap of Week 1 and update on Week 2 of the TGBL season!

TGBL: Where _______________ happens.


3 comments so far

  1. John on

    Blocks: Joe Hyun!!

  2. John on

    blocks joe hyun!!!

  3. Jennifer on

    i actually laughed out loud when i saw howards rebounds. and when i read billy’s team name.

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