Week 1 Recap!

Game 1: That’s Better Than You in Everything (Team 3) vs. Goon Squad (Team 4)


As a game hyped up as a match-up between two great big men (Billy Kang and Howard Rim), this game did not disappoint. The two players combined to grab a total of 24 rebounds and score 8 points. Afraid that the game would last too long, the officials set a time limit at 40minutes, causing the final score to drop to 13-10 in favor of That’s Better Than You in Everything.

Jon Lee showed that the sophomore slump is nothing but a myth, as he led his team in scoring with 6 points. In the right place at the right time, he hit two very important two-pointers and had several layups and floaters that went his way. He displayed the offensive potential that spectators saw in flashes last year while guarding the top scorer for Good Squad, Joy Min.

Goon Squad looked uncomfortable and unsure on offense, with limited movement and poor passing. They showed signs of life at times behind Howard Rim and his 14 rebounds, but Tom Kim’s penetration and assists to Billy Kang and Jon Lee were too much for Goon Squad to handle. Joy Min failed to deliver on his promise of a game winner.

Player of the Game: Jon Lee (That’s Better Than You in Everything)

Jon Lee guarded the other team’s biggest offensive threat while leading his team in scoring.

X-Factor: Justin Kim (That’s Better Than You in Everything)

Justin Kim hauled in a huge 4 rebounds in the win. A few were in heavy traffic. As anticipated, he was able to aid Billy Kang in the rebounding department.

Game 2: Foot Fire (Team 1) vs. Cuse Flightz (Team 2)


With center Nick Wong and point guard Gary Ng absent, many expected this game to be blowout. However, sophomores JJ Kim and Danny Ryu kept the game competitive (final score: 21-17).

Cuse Flightz, like their name, made their game plan apparent from the beginning (run, run, run). Freshman Kevin Kim scored 4 points mostly off of fast break layups triggered by senior Wilson Pak. Cuse Flightz also displayed a well-balanced offensive attack, with nearly all of its players scoring at least one point. Leading the charge was Pak, who nearly had a triple double with 8 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists.Right behind were Kevin Kwon, who grabbed a huge 8 rebounds, and Christian Lee, who ran the floor alongside Kevin Kim.

Foot Fire also displayed an even offensive attack, with nearly all of its players scoring. Sophomore Danny Ryu led with 6 points on 3 two-pointers made. A nice contribution was freshman Brian Kim, who scored 4 points to tie JJ Kim for second on the team. Joe Hyun showed his size with 3 blocks and SungHwan Kim displayed his shooting ability. Will Zhou showed flashes of offensive potential, but did not have any rolls go his way.

Player of the Game: Wilson Pak (Cuse Flightz)

With his near-triple double, Pak led a very good offensive and defensive charge against Foot Fire.

X-Factor:Kevin Kwon (Cuse Flightz)/Brian Kim (Foot Fire)

The two freshmen showed potential to contribute in different aspects. Kevin Kwon nearly had double digit rebounds and Brian Kim was tied for second leading scorer on his team.




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