WEEK 2 Preview : Howie Rim & Josh Lee

Breakdown of Game 2: Cuse Flightz (Team 2) vs. Magic School Bus (Team 5)


Fresh off a complete team performance, Cuse Flightz has appeared to have taken “flight” in their first regular season game with a strong offensive performance by all members of the team. Cuse Flightz faces a tough second week opponent in Magic School Bus as they are coming off a first week bye with a handful of practices already at hand. TGBL welcomes newcomers in Magic School Bus as Paul Kim, Kevin Lee, and Derrek Kang* will have to prove that they are mainstays in the league.

Key Players (Team 2): Kevin Kim and Christian Lee

As Magic School Bus makes last minute preparations to zero in on Wilson Pak, other members such as Kevin and Christian must be able to burden the offensive and defensive load. Christian has shown flashes of a scorer’s touch in the previous game and must show that come this Friday. Cuse Flightz remains confident that Kevin’s activeness on defense will disrupt Magic School Bus’s offensive rhythm.

Key Players (Team 5): Paul Kim

It will be imperative that newcomer Paul Kim control the paint and stand tall against up and coming freshman, Kevin Kwon. If Paul negates Kevin’s rebounding ability, it will give way for more opportunities for Magic School Bus. The question is how big is Big Paul willing to get?

Prediction: 21-18 Cuse Flightz

If Magic School Bus is able to contain Wilson and play lockdown defense on many of Flightz’s role players, Magic School Bus might be able to pull out an upset. Magic School Bus will have to rely on Zion’s hustle and “heavily” rely on veteran, John Kim’s leadership in this game.  Nonetheless, expect Wilson Pak’s versatility to be the difference in this game to lead Cuse Flightz to another hard fought victory. Expect a short ride for Magic School Bus.

*Suspended due to absence of church activity. Warning to all: please be responsible for your attendance as absences may hurt your team.

Team 1 (Footfire) v. Team 3 (That’s Better Than You Than Everything)


In a game that was supposed to feature the long awaited return of two of TGBL’s most treasured players, it appears a Commissioner’s ruling on absences may strip team Footfire of their two most experienced players once again. Leaving the retreat t-shirt wearing team undersized and undermanned as they go on to face possibly the baddest motha truckerss in the league. However, it must be said that both teams were very impressive in their inaugural match, showing off a grit to rival even the most strenuous of Wilson Pak’s workouts. Team with the Unnecessarily Long Name is once again expected to use their dominant upperclassmen-based roster to overpower their opponents with CRS senior Billy Kang as the emotional core in a team of hardened veterans. Footfire’s three point shooting ability should again be on full display as 240lb. team captain, David JJ Kim’s famed midrange shot will be on house-arrest with the persistent physical play of Jon “the Mosquito” Lee.

Key Players for Team 1 (Footfire): Danny Ryu and Chinese New Year Celebrations

When down week 1, 20-11, sophomore Whitman major, Danny “Don’t call me Daniel” Ryu put his Mcdonald’s franchise-looking team on his back. Ryu would go on to finish 6pts coming all from his clutch 3pt. shooting.

Unfortunately, off the field distractions will be as much of a key player as the on court talent because the much discussed absence-suspension policy will again bare its strength in barring two veterans from playing. Sophomore Day Hall RA, Gary Ng and Nick Wong will be unable to join their team because of what I’m sure was the unforgettable celebrations they attended to commemorate Chinese New Year: Year of the Rabbit.


Key Players Team 3 (That’s Better Than You Than Everything) Tom Kim

Junior Point Guard, Tom Kim is possibly the best dribbler and fastest perimeter player in the league. In a season that may be defined by the new 40 min. Game Time rule. Tom Kim’s ability to control the constant pacing of the ball and his teammates will prove pivotal to his team’s ability to win, day-in, day-out.

Prediction: 21- 14 Team 3 (That’s Better Than You Than Everything)

In the end, the culmination of the absences of Footfire’s superstar upperclassmen and Team 3’s physical swagger and veteran leadership will lead to the second straight victory for Team “That’s Better Than You Than Everything.” Footfire will once again post a resilient fight but will fall to sheer physicality of upperclassmen might and prestige. TGBL and its fans are patiently waiting for the day Team FootFire can be put back together again.


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  2. Sarah Lee on

    um.. this is hilarious. best sentence goes to:

    “Sophomore Day Hall RA, Gary Ng and Nick Wong will be unable to join their team because of what I’m sure was the unforgettable celebrations they attended to commemorate Chinese New Year: Year of the Rabbit.”

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