Game 1: Cuse Flightz vs Magic School Bus (17-12)


Cuse Flightz showed its dominance again last Friday, as they put a damper on MSB’s season debut. Things went downhill for Magic School Bus as Paul Kim, starting center and emotional leader of MSB, went down with ankle injuries. We here at TGBL wish Paul the best in his recovery.

Cuse Flightz leader Wilson Pak took over the game with a near-triple double with 12 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 steals. Following him was Christian Lee, who continues to be an asset for Cuse Flightz both offensively and defensively. Last week’s other break-out freshman, Kevin Kim, was held scoreless by mainly Zion Hwang, but also succeeded in nullifying John Kim (John Kim was held to 1 point). Big men Josh Lee and Kevin Kwon contributed for 10 rebounds in the victory.

Magic School Bus, starting the game short-handed with no bench due to various absences by teammates, showed incredible heart throughout the game. Especially when Paul Kim went down, they were forced to play 5v4. Despite this, they refused to give up and consistently gave Cuse Flightz a ballgame. However, senior John Kim was made completely ineffective by Kevin Kim and Wilson Pak. Even though others picked up the slack, Magic School Bus was unable to secure the victory. Junior Zion Hwang had a good all-around game with 3 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. Kevin Lee had a Lebron-esque chase-down block in the loss.

Player of the Game: Wilson Pak

With his contributions on both sides of the ball, Wilson Pak dominated this game.

X-Factor: Dan Ahn

Dan Ahn carried Magic School Bus for long stretches of the game, probing the defense, running the passing lanes, and getting out on the break.

Game 2: That’s Better Than You in Everything vs Foot Fire (17-9)


Compared to the impressive physique and showmanship of Team Better Than You, the depleted Team Foot Fire looked like the impoverished peasants to the kings of the rough and tumble aka the “The Baby Blue Bombers.” Field general, Gary Ng rocking his graywashed jeans and carrying clipboard in hand could only watch from the sidelines, a captain very much unable to board his ship.

Week 2 had Team Better Than You reaffirm its identity as the most physically punishing team in TGBL. With the arrival of their new sleeveless jerseys, the muscly-armed upperclassmen instilled an era of physical play that intimidated the freshman-heavy roster of Team Foot Fire. With emotional team captain, Billy Kang leading the charge with a mind-numbing 10 pt. 16 rebound game, Team Better Than You is to this point, in the infant stages of this season, the most impressive team on the court.

An exhausted David “JJ” Kim remained positive. Claiming two tough losses without two of the team’s best players could help build a team fortitude that could manifest itself in the playoffs. With freshman Sunghwan Kim able to chip in with three solid points, JJ’s prediction for a newfound strength within his underclassman team could prove to be true sooner than later. With the slow returns of Nick Wong and Gary Ng, Team Foot Fire is on the verge of possibly turning the tables on a league that has been wise enough to not count them out yet.

Player of the Game: Billy Kang (That’s Better Than You in Everything)

Billy led his team in rebounding and scoring, recording a double-double with 10 points and 16 rebounds.

X-Factor: Brian Kim (Foot Fire)

Brian Kim continues to find ways to score. This week, he contributed 2 points and 5 rebounds.

-TGBL Writers Joshua Lee and John Kim contributed to this piece


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