Hello Grovians and friends!

Here are this week’s match-ups to be played on Friday, February 18. All league participants, whether playing that particular week or not, are required to come to at least one church event per week. Failure to do so will result in a one-game suspension. If you guys couldn’t make the Sunday Service this past week, please make sure that you come out to Friday Service or your family group to avoid suspensions!

Game 1: Cuse Flightz vs. Goon Squad

Game 2: Team That’s Better Than You in Everything vs. Magic School Bus

Bye: Foot Fire

This week, TGBL will have All-Star festivities! Please arrive at the gym by9:30AM on Saturday 2/19. Festivities will include randomized 3v3*, a 3PT Contest, and other activities. Please check the Facebook event for more details. BE SURE TO CLICK ATTENDING IF YOU WILL BE PARTICIPATING!
Those with legitimate excuses (NOT: “I slept in”) will be allowed to participate despite tardiness.

*The 3v3 will be randomized based on class. Each team will have one freshman, one sophomore/junior, and one senior.



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