Game 1: Cuse Flightz vs. Goon Squad


After a week of rest, Goon Squad looks to get its first victory after its close loss two weeks ago. Opposing them is Cuse Flightz, which is undefeated thus far into the season. However, tonight’s game looks to be Cuse Flightz’s biggest challenge into the season. So far, they have played a Foot Fire team without two of its starters, and a Magic School Bus team that was undermanned after injury. Particularly for freshman center Kevin Kwon, it will be a new challenge as he will go up against TGBL’s most physically prominent big man, Howard Rim.

Key Player (Cuse Flightz): Kevin Kwon

Can Kevin Kwon handle the physicality that Howard Rim brings into the game? It will be up to him to box out and secure the inside so that his teammates can focus on other facets of the game.

Key Player (Goon Squad): Joy Min

It is up to sophomore Joy Min to move the ball efficiently and space well to take advantage of the different defenses that Cuse Flightz will throw at them. More than scoring, he needs to focus on getting his team involved so that he can create good looks for himself late in the game.

Prediction: 17 – 14 Cuse Flightz

Cuse Flightz’s run and gun fast-break tempo is one that takes advantage of their biggest asset, fitness. With freshmen Kevin Kim, Christian Lee, and senior Wilson Pak pushing the ball, Goon Squad will have a difficult time getting set on defense and will be distracted from rebounding.

Game 2: That’s Better Than You in Everything vs. Magic School Bus


Magic School Bus comes into this week as the underdog. After their big man, Paul Kim, was injured, they have filled the hole with Sophomore Luke Jang. However, they remain supremely undersized as they go into the game against arguably one of the biggest teams in the league. That’s Better Than You in Everything is looking to continue is winning streak and remain undefeated. Behind senior Billy Kang, they have led a physical-defense-oriented style that has been successful for them. If sophomore Jon Lee and junior Thomas Kim get hot from the outside, they will be a hard team to beat. Particularly with solid secondary shooters in Stanley Huang and Sam Song, they remain a tough team to beat.

Key Player (That’s Better Than You in Everything): Billy Kang

With Paul Kim out of the picture, can Billy Kang dominate the inside as he should? How is he going to deal with the (probably) many double teams that they throw at him?

Key Player (Magic School Bus): Everyone

As senior guard John Kim continues his struggling TGBL career, all of the members of Magic School Bus need to work together and show the kind of heart that they had against Cuse Flightz last week. Cohesion and hustle are the keys to this week’s victory for Magic School Bus.

Prediction: 17-14

As aforementioned, Magic School Bus comes into this week as the league’s biggest underdog. However, depending on the amount of heart they show, and the shots that they hit, they should be able to give Team That’s Better Than You in Everything a good game.


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