TGBL All-Star Weekend

It was a snowy morning in Syracuse, NY, not unlike the many to have come before it.  The frigid day, unspectacular except for the twenty-one who awoke their sleepy heads and braved that very unspectacular cold to pay their respects to a gym stained by the sweat of those pickup games who lived and died there.

Archbold Gymnasium- 1

Rookie v. sophomore

After taking a semester worth of pampering and loving the insecurities, character flaws and collective anxieties of this freshman class, the sophomore class reinstated smashmouth, totalitarian rule against the youngest brothers of KCS. Led by Pick 6 Crew of Jon Lee, Josh Lee, JJ Kim, Danny “Don’t Call me Daniel” Ryu, Zach Han and Joy “Jowee” Min, the sophomore class punished the freshmen class in a physical game that saw frustrations and barking arise from the big dogs of the east. Even a celebrity appearance by John “Thomas’s younger brother” Kim could not help the Rookies overcome the mountain of pure physicality and determination of the more skilled and more intelligent sophomores. In the end, school was in session on Saturday, and the sophomores just had more class.

Three Point Contest

Zion Hwang- 0

Joy Min overcame a strong beginning effort by fellow sophomore JJ Kim to become TGBL’s first ever three-point champion. To this day, winning the three-point competition is the only basketball promise that came true.

Upper v. Lower

The stars were aligned, the anthem set and the ferocious pace of a tug of war between the overstaffed underclassmen v. the depleted upperclassmen ensued. With spirits riding high for both sides, the underclassmen used their impressive numbers to run three complete teams of 5 on the court at 4 min. intervals. The fresh legs of team captains, Josh Lee, John Kim, and Joy Min was the biggest asset in a game that would be decided by overtime. Seniors Wilson Pak and John Kim carried the 6 man upperclassmen team, willing the veterans of TGBL to fight to put the young guns of KCS in their respective places.

As Sarah Han, the official timepiece of TGBL, counted down the clock of regulation, Joy Min stepped back and drained a three that would in fact give the underclassmen the lead with 3 seconds left. Instead, Senior John Kim called a line violation and designated that the game-winner would in fact be counted as a one, effectively tying, but not winning the game. Invigorated by a call in their favor, the upperclassmen came out swinging in OT and claimed a one-point lead that would have given them bragging rights except fate took TGBL down a series of Unforgettable Events. Reminiscent of Grant Hill’s and Christian Laettner’s late game heroics for DUKE, David JJ Kim would take an alley-oop jumper to re-tie the game in what is now remembered as the most exciting game in TGBL Association history.

If only the girls were there.

An emotionally drained underclassmen team would bow out to the ever resurgent Wilson Pak and Thomas Kim losing to the better, more experienced team just as pundits had predicted. It was unlike any TGBL all-star game this world has ever seen, probably because it was the first one.

-Joshua Lee


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