Game 1: Goon Squad vs. That’s Better Than You at Everything (17-7)

Perhaps a bit complacent after previously defeating Goon Squad and going undefeated until this week, That’s Better Than You at Everything did not bring the energy that they had been consistently every week. Their defense looked loose, allowing Joy Min to catch on fire and take over the game. Led on by Joy Min and James Choi’s three point shooting and Howard Rim’s interior dominance, Goon Squad pressured That’s Better Than You at Everything the whole game into tough shots, some of them forced. With interior presence Billy Kang opting to shoot threes (he was this close on one attempt), That’s Better Than You at Everything had trouble spacing.

Player of the Game: Joy Min

Joy Min, with his (probably lucky) three point shooting, led the surge for Goon Squad to take an early lead.

X-Factor: James Choi

Even though Choi hit fewer threes than Min, the timing for his threes were critical. His second was the dagger that ended the game.

Game 2: Foot Fire vs. Magic School Bus (17-14)

The upside to this game was that one team would get its first victory; the downside was that the other would remain unvictorious. Fortunately for Foot Fire, the return of Gary Ng and Nick Wong proved to be extremely advantageous. Ng, with his pesky defense netted many steals while Wong took advantage of Paul Kim’s absence to dominate the rebounds. Magic School Bus was able to take a big early lead by taking advantage of the zone that Foot Fire played in the beginning. However, Magic School Bus’s play became sloppy and impotent once Foot Fire switched to man. Foot Fire went on a 10-2 run to close the game, as Magic School Bus went cold. The only bright spot for Magic School Bus was freshman Kevin Lee’s continued inspiring play.

Player of the Game: Gary Ng

Even though it was Nick Wong who had the game-winning bucket, it was Gary who orchestrated the offense for Foot Fire the whole game. He impacted both sides of the ball to drag his team to victory.

X-Factor: Danny Ryu

Off an assist from Joe Hyun, Danny Ryu hit a huge three during the 10-2 run that left Magic School Bus demoralized.


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