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For those of you wondering how the TGBL Playoffs are structured:

Recaps of last week will be out tomorrow! Please stay tuned!!


Week 6 Stats!!

Team 1: Foot Fire

Wk6 Team1 Stats

Team 2: Flightz

Wk6 Team2 Stats

Team 3: Better than You

Wk6 Team3 Stats

Team 5: MSB

Wk6 Team5 Stats


Box Score:

1) MSB (17) v. Foot Fire (15)

2) Better than you (13) v. Flightz (17)

Week 6 Standings

1) Flightz (4-1)

2) Goon Squad (3-1)

3) Better than You (3-2)

4) Foot Fire (1-4)

5) MSB (1-4)

Week 6 Column MVPs

Pts: Nick Wong, Wilson Pak (11)

3pts Made: Wilson Pak (3)

Rebs: Nick Wong (12)

Asts: Sam Song (5)

Stls: Nick Wong (6)

Blks: John Kim, Wilson Pak, Kevin Kwon, Kevin Kim, Stanley Huang, Tom Kim (1)

Season Leaderboard:

TGBL Season Leaders Week 6



Hello followers of TGBL!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic spring break! As for the players of the league, I hope you guys had a good rest because PLAYOFFS START THIS WEEK.

Here is the schedule:

Game 1: Foot Fire vs. Magic School Bus

Game 2: Cuse Flightz vs. That’s Better Than You in Everything

Bye: Goon Squad

As usual, games start at 10:00PM on Friday after service. Since there was no Sunday service this last week because of spring break, please remember to go to either family group or friday service! We will be enforcing this rule.

Week 5 Recap

GAME 1- MSB v. Goon Squad

ETS Senior John “Yeahyung” Kim stepped onto the court Friday night to fanfare. The 5’8” hodge-podge, “round mound of rebound” graduating senior was seen reveling in the stage of his final regular season game. He would lace up his beat up Adidas one last time, for one last game here with TGBL, here with the Grove. Going winless for the second consecutive year was not an option for Kim, even as he bore the burden of captaining a team into a war against Goon Squad who, with resident goons Howard Rim and Jowee Min, was highly reminiscent of the fictional basketball team, the MONSTARS, in the 1990’s cult-classic, Space Jam.

Even with Goon Squad looking more physically imposing and professional than the Magic School Bus’s more playful green and yellow color scheme, there was no doubt who came out with more fire that fateful Friday Night. Senior point guard Dan Ahn displayed an unnecessarily, dizzying set of ball-handling skills as he commandeered enemy defenses while driving effortlessly to the hoop. Junior Whitman major Zion “In A Relationship” Hwang also chipped in with “questionable” defensive maneuvers that did a great deal to stymie a Goon Squad offense that had won two straight. And on a night that had seemed to go just right for Magic School Bus, things continued in this way until game point, when Senior John Kim had the ball on the top of the key.

(We take you now to the color commentary of the game as it happened.)

John Kim gets the ball at the top of the key. He pumpfakes once. Goes up for the shot.

The ball goes off the glass and IT’S GOOOOOOODDDDD! Magic School Bus has just won the game in SPECTACULAR fashion. I cannot believe what I have just seen. The Grove fans are going bananas. School Bus Wins. School Bus Wins!


Wait one second. It seems that Senior John Kim actually called a foul in mid-release. The basket will not count. I repeat. The basket will not count. To the dismay of the 40 some-odd people watching here today, John Kim called foul, Jowee Min went on to hit another game-winning three and Magic School Bus lost the game.

And just like that, an agonizing TGBL season takes down another Grove Legend. Farewell John Kim. We hope to see you resilient come playoff time.

Player of the game: Joy Min: 7pts. 8 rebounds. 2 steals. All in dramatically cocky fashion.

X Factor: Kevin Lee. 3pts. 7 rebounds. 2 steals. All-around good guy.


Game 2: Flightz v. Footfire

The night prior to TGBL Friday, David JJ Kim had trouble sleeping. He would toss and turn in the corner of his four-person suite at Brewster Hall, located on 401 Van Buren St., pleading to God, asking why he was in so much pain. It turns out that David had been bitten by a spider earlier that night. He had walked away from the encounter to live to tell the tale, but not without a nasty welt, swelling up with every passing minute, with every turn of his body.

A discouraged JJ awoke to find that the welt was not simply an unpleasant dream. It lay above his third rib on the right side pulsating with furious anger. JJ was immobilized; unable to go to class, David rested. He rested until Friday Night. He rested so he could face Wilson Pak and his Cuse Flightz.

Wilson Pak was in midseason form. Showing that he can dominate in every facet of the game, Pak went into triple-double mode dishing out 5 assists, gathering 10 rebounds, while hitting 4 points. With the majority of his assists and coaching going to the two freshman studs in Kevin Kim, who finally eked out a big game, and Christian Lee, Flightz looked as unstoppable as the very first time they rocked those royal purple jerseys at the beginning of Week 2.

But all of a sudden things changed. There was a palpable intensity in the air, a darkness untapped by man before. This was when David “JJ” Kim of Bergen County NJ basically said to the whole damn world, “I’m Spiderman.” Showing uncanny reflexes, JJ began to grab rebounds and fire threes at will. Coasting down the wings of the Flightz defense, JJ Kim flew higher than any 220lb. man ever should. His three-point shot was simply unstoppable and JJ Kim showcased new powers that took the 3 game into new heights. Every time Flightz grabbed a lead, JJ struck, swinging from court to court, unafraid of Wilson and his Flightz.

But alas, Wilson’s tutelage and triple-double prowess overcame JJ’s singlehanded effort to bring Footfire back from deficit. The combined effective play of Christian Lee, Kevin Kim, and Joshua Lee were just too much. As the game ended, Josh Lee shook the hand of a defeated JJ Kim and bid goodnight to the friendly, neighborhood, Spiderman. TGBL is hoping he might come back come playoff time.

Player of the Game: David JJ Kim 9pts. 2 rebounds. 1 assist. The greatest threepoint showing in TGBL history.

X-Factor: Kevin Kim and Christian Lee Combined 10 points 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Flightz needs its freshman duo to finish everything Wilson gives them if they are to make a run at the ‘ship.

TGBL Midseason Full Stats!!!

Below are the TGBL stats for each player that has participated so far.

Team 1: Foot Fire

Team 2: Cuse Flightz

Team 3: Better Than You

Team 4: Goon Squad

Team 5: MSB

Midseason Triple Doubles:

Team 2: Cuse Flightz

-Wilson Pak: Pts (36), Rebs (34), Asts (18)

Midseason Double Doubles:

Team 1: Foot Fire

-David JJ Kim:  Pts (18), Rebs (18)

Team 2: Cuse Flightz

-Kevin Kim: Pts (10), Rebs (18)

Team 3: Better Than You

-Billy Kang: Pts (23), Rebs (27)

Team 4: Goon Squad

-Howard Rim: Pts (13), Rebs (42)

-James Choi: Pts (12), Rebs (17)

-Joy Min: Pts (24), Rebs (18)

Team 5: Magic School Bus

-John Kim: Pts (11), Rebs (15)

-Kevin Lee: Rebs (23), Stls (12)

-Dan Ahn: Rebs (15), Stls (10)

-Zion Hwang: Pts (11), Rebs (15)

Week 5 (Midseason) Stats!!

Team 1: Foot Fire

Team 2: Flightz

Team 4: Goon Squad

Team 5: MSB



Box Score:

1) Goon Squad (17) v. MSB (15)

2) Flightz (17) v. Foot Fire (12)

Week 5 Standings:

1) Goon Squad (3-1)

2) Flightz (3-1)

3) Better than You (3-1)

4) Foot Fire (1-3)

5) MSB (0-4)

Week 5 Column MVPs:

-Points: David JJ Kim (9)

-3s Made: David JJ Kim (4)

-Rebs: Nick Wong & Wilson Pak (10)

-Asts: Wilson Pak (5)

-Stls: Kevin Lee, Jason Kim, Kevin Kim (4)

-Blks: Zion Hwang (2)

Season Leaderboard:

Special Announcement!

Team That’s Better Than You in Everything will be adding freshman Alex Lee to their roster. Due to inactivity, Dennis Oh has been waived from the roster. Let’s all welcome Alex to the league!

Week 5 Previews!

Breakdown Game 1: Goon Squad vs. Magic School Bus


The regular season woes continue for Magic School Bus as they go up against Howard Rim and his Goon Squad without center Paul Kim. However, freshman Kevin Lee, junior Zion Hwang, and others have shown enough heart to cover for their lack of size. However, Goon Squad is riding momentum after beating formerly undefeated That’s Better Than You in Everything last week. Can sophomore Joy Min carry his team to another victory? Will senior John Kim ever step up?

Key Player (Goon Squad): James Choi

James Choi was shooting lights-out last week against That’s Better Than You in Everything. Can he bring that shooting back this week against Magic School Bus?

Key Player (Magic School Bus): Zion Hwang

After scoring every point in their blowout loss to That’s Better Than You in Everything, Zion Hwang has hit a slump. Scoring only one point last game, Zion needs to refocus his game for Magic School Bus to be successful.

Prediction: 17-12 Magic School Bus

It might be the writer’s bias, but MSB is going to pull this one out.

Game 2: Foot Fire vs. Cuse Flightz


Foot Fire is finally at full force again. After grinding out a win last week overcoming a huge deficit against Magic School Bus, they seek revenge on Cuse Flightz, who they lost to in the first week of the season. Meanwhile, Cuse Flightz seeks to regain its momentum after dropping a game to Goon Squad two weeks ago and gaining an extra week of rest during their bye week. It will be interesting what defensive schemes Cuse Flightz will employ to contain the deadly Ng-Wong pick and roll. Can they contain the pick and roll while limiting the jumpshots of Danny Ryu and JJ Kim?

Key Players (Foot Fire): Danny Ryu and Joe Hyun

Danny Ryu and Joe Hyun need to hit their shots to spread the floor for their team. With JJ Kim preferring the midrange, Will Zhou working the baseline, and Nick Wong and Gary Ng running the pick and roll at the top of the key, Ryu and Hyun need to be on fire to open things up for their team.

Key Player (Cuse Flightz): Kevin H. Kim

Kevin Kim needs to score more.

Prediction: 17 – 15 Foot Fire

Foot Fire has too many weapons for Cuse Flightz to contain all at once. If everyone is on top of their game, it is perfectly possible to eke out this victory.

Game 3: That’s Better Than You in Everything vs. Special Guests


Much of the talents of the Special Guests remain unknown. For a possible guesstimation of their skills, here is a video.


Hello Grovians and friends!

Here are this week’s match-ups to be played on Friday, February 18. All league participants, whether playing that particular week or not, are required to come to at least one church event per week. Failure to do so will result in a one-game suspension. If you guys couldn’t make the Sunday Service this past week, please make sure that you come out to Friday Service or your family group to avoid suspensions! This week, we will have special guests from Maryland visiting. Normally, That’s Better Than You in Everything would have a bye week, but they will be playing an exhibition match against the guests. This game will not count towards the regular season standings.

Game 1: Goon Squad vs. Magic School Bus

Game 2: Foot Fire vs. Cuse Flightz

Game 3: That’s Better Than You in Everything vs. Special Guests

Just a Quick Note

Just a quick side note about the disrepency between week 3 and 4’s season leaderboard. Some of the numbers from week 3 were misrecorded and the official stat taker accidently uploaded the nonproofread version. Week 4 leaderboard sheet is the correct, up to date version. Sorry if that caused some confusion. I’ll try not to count tally marks past my bedtime again.

-Official stat taker