Week 5 Previews!

Breakdown Game 1: Goon Squad vs. Magic School Bus


The regular season woes continue for Magic School Bus as they go up against Howard Rim and his Goon Squad without center Paul Kim. However, freshman Kevin Lee, junior Zion Hwang, and others have shown enough heart to cover for their lack of size. However, Goon Squad is riding momentum after beating formerly undefeated That’s Better Than You in Everything last week. Can sophomore Joy Min carry his team to another victory? Will senior John Kim ever step up?

Key Player (Goon Squad): James Choi

James Choi was shooting lights-out last week against That’s Better Than You in Everything. Can he bring that shooting back this week against Magic School Bus?

Key Player (Magic School Bus): Zion Hwang

After scoring every point in their blowout loss to That’s Better Than You in Everything, Zion Hwang has hit a slump. Scoring only one point last game, Zion needs to refocus his game for Magic School Bus to be successful.

Prediction: 17-12 Magic School Bus

It might be the writer’s bias, but MSB is going to pull this one out.

Game 2: Foot Fire vs. Cuse Flightz


Foot Fire is finally at full force again. After grinding out a win last week overcoming a huge deficit against Magic School Bus, they seek revenge on Cuse Flightz, who they lost to in the first week of the season. Meanwhile, Cuse Flightz seeks to regain its momentum after dropping a game to Goon Squad two weeks ago and gaining an extra week of rest during their bye week. It will be interesting what defensive schemes Cuse Flightz will employ to contain the deadly Ng-Wong pick and roll. Can they contain the pick and roll while limiting the jumpshots of Danny Ryu and JJ Kim?

Key Players (Foot Fire): Danny Ryu and Joe Hyun

Danny Ryu and Joe Hyun need to hit their shots to spread the floor for their team. With JJ Kim preferring the midrange, Will Zhou working the baseline, and Nick Wong and Gary Ng running the pick and roll at the top of the key, Ryu and Hyun need to be on fire to open things up for their team.

Key Player (Cuse Flightz): Kevin H. Kim

Kevin Kim needs to score more.

Prediction: 17 – 15 Foot Fire

Foot Fire has too many weapons for Cuse Flightz to contain all at once. If everyone is on top of their game, it is perfectly possible to eke out this victory.

Game 3: That’s Better Than You in Everything vs. Special Guests


Much of the talents of the Special Guests remain unknown. For a possible guesstimation of their skills, here is a video.


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