Week 7 Stats!!

Team 1: Foot Fire

Wk7 Team1 Stats

Team 3: Better than you

Wk7 Team3 Stats

Team 4: Goon Squad

Wk7 Team4 Stats

Team 5: MSB

Wk7 Team5 Stats


Box Score:

1) MSB (17) v. Goon Squad (16)

2) Foot Fire (9) v. Better than you (17)

Week 7 Standings:

1) Cuse Flightz (4-1)

2) Better than you (4-2)

3) Goon Squad (3-2)

4) MSB (2-4)

5) Foot Fire (1-5)

Week 7 Column MVPs:

Pts: Joy Min  (8)

3s Made: Joy Min (3)

Rebs: Howard Rim (17)

Asts: Sam Song (4)

Stls: Alex Lee, John Kim (3)

Blks: Howard Rim (3)

Season Leaderboard:

TGBL Season Leaders Week 7


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