Game 1: MSB vs. Goon Squad

In a rematch of a regular season classic, teams Magic School Bus and Goon Squad gave the audience another barn burner for the ages. Goon Squad maintained its inside-out game with senior Howard Rim breaking free from uncalled fouls and arms dragging him down to grab 17 (17!!!!) rebounds. Meanwhile, just-as-tall-as-Howard sophomore Joy Min continued his to show his stroke from distance as he went to score 8 points, with 6 of them coming from beyond the arc.
However, senior Cliff Kim already had a happy ending planned for MSB (we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt). As senior John Kim ran frantically around the court like a headless chicken trying to get away from the leader of the Huns in Mulan (Joy Min), MSB ran a play for Kevin Lee. Unfortunately, Lee was unable to connect as he was able to against Foot Fire. Already knowing that Lee was going to miss and where exactly the ball would land, Cliff Kim placed himself in perfect position for the tip. Says Howard Rim, “It was one of those situations where I jumped, and then I saw Cliff jump right after me and get the ball.” In arguably one of the most exciting finishes in TGBL history, Cliff Kim remained calm. He doesn’t always get rebounds, but when he does, he prefers tip-ins.

Player of the Game: Cliff Kim. He provided the two things MSB thrive off of most: heart and height.

X-Factor: Wayne Chen. In a game decided by one point, his 2 points were critical.

Game 2: Foot Fire vs. Better Than You

The TGBL blog writing staff would like to personally applaud and give props to sophomore David JJ Kim. In a season marred by wildly inconsistent lineups and a team largely composed of freshmen, JJ Kim stepped up to the plate. Whether he would have to play big, small, on-ball, or off-ball was up in the air every week as two of his dominant teammates, Nick Wong and Gary Ng, were often unable to be in attendance. Regardless, JJ Kim took leadership of his team and played his heart out every single week. And his team followed.
Unfortunately, Foot Fire’s matchup this week, Team Better Than You, is too good of a team for any team to take on without a full squad. However, Foot Fire tried, and it competed. As seniors Billy Kang and Sam Song (6 and 5 points respectively) were pouring in the points, Foot Fire kept up their competitiveness. Freshman SungHwan Kim and sophomore Danny Ryu stroked it from range. Freshman Will Zhou was hustling for boards. Every single member of this team competed, even though it did not end in a W for them. So congratulations on a good season Foot Fire. Hope to see you all next year!

Player of the Game: Sam Song. With stats all across the boards, Song was finding opportunities for both himself and his teammates to score while playing good defense.

X-Factor: Jon Lee. 13 rebounds let’s gooooo


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