Almost Semifinals stats!

Side Note: The official stat taker had to look over the stats and add on some stats which the stats takers for the game have missed. Stat takers, please take your job seriously and try to record EVERY stat.

Team 2: Cuse Flightz

Team 3: Better Than You

Team 4: Goon Squad

Team 5: MSB


Box Score:

1) Goon (17) v. Better (13)

2) MSB (12) v. Flightz (17)

Week 8 Standings:

1) Cuse Flightz (5-1)

2) Goon Squad (4-2)

3) MSB (2-5)

4) Better than You (4-3 eliminated)

5) Foot Fire (1-5 eliminated)

Week 8 Column MVPs:

Pts: Wilson Pak (12)

3s made: Wilson Pak (3)

Rebs: Billy Kang (11)

Asts: Dan Ahn (4)

Stls: Kevin Lee (4)

Blks: Jason Kim (3)

Season Leaderboard:


Enjoy the weather!!


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