Preview Playoff Round 3: School Bus v. Goon Squad

It’s win or go home. Let me clarify, that’s WIN OR GO HOME. 

You don’t dig deep. You dig deeper.

You don’t fight hard. You fight harder.

You’ve got to want it more. You’ve got to need it more.

This is why you came. This is why you’re here.

TGBL Playoffs baby. Semi’s baby.

Playoff victories are usually determined by how much momentum one team has over the other, coming in to the match.

So in the momentum game, this is a battle of teams with two very different stories.

Both played last week to get to where they are now. The Fan favorite, underdog, eco-friendly, Magic School Bus lost handedly to Syracuse Flightz only last week, proving that they can wilt when matched against truly skilled players. Will heart and distracting, highlighter green uniforms be enough to overtake Goon Squad?

Joy Min certainly does not think so. As the brashest, greasiest player in TGBL, Joy Min has successfully led his team to the semi’s after a slugfest in last week’s quarter final game. If Jowee and Senior Howard Rim can get on the same page, Goon Squad looks to be the team that wins and looks ugly.

X Factor: Freshmen, Kevin Lee of MSB and Jason Kim of GS.

Kevin has developed into the second scoring option on the MSB’s scrappy offense. His ability to fill up the stat sheet will be needed to make a dent into Goon Squad’s D. Jason Kim’s return last week to GS was nothing less than heroic. His continued development has given GS a veteran PG to lead the team.

Final Prediction: MSB: 14 Goon Squad: 17

Goon Squad pulls off the expected win after some initial difficulty guarding Senior John Kim in his last game at the ‘Cuse. 


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